Midcentury style – the austere version

Lately I am very very attracted to midcentury style in architecture and design. It is after Mad Men that I watched and loved that I was influenced? Or it’s just fashion that hit me with its arrow..I don’t know…All I know is that this style is a current trend in my field and I love it!
So, after hexagon post I will show you some examples that I collected when I was working in a project of 60’s style last months(I was that lucky!). This post is more about austere version of midcentury style, I have a more funny version for another post, stay tuned!

So, What’s your opinion about midcentury style, is it just me that I like it?

01 Midcentury style_my blue flamingo

Vandaag restaurant, New York. It’s said that it is closed now

03 Midcentury style_my blue flamingo

Rockett St. George, UK based online boutique

02 Midcentury style_my blue flamingo

Source unknown

Chairs in 60's style with tapestry in the same pattern.

Chairs in 60’s style. Not my favorite but Orla Kiely is a totally 60’s style designer, check it out here

2 thoughts on “Midcentury style – the austere version

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