Dark rooms

01. dark rooms_mbf

I love this living room. It makes me want to invite friends and make philosophical conversations! I also love that all the colours are in dark shades. via Remodelista

I know you may think it’s a bit strange as an idea but dark rooms can be very interesting! I’m not talking only for black, even though it’s the darkest color of all, but also grey and dark blue. As we are in winter time and everything is more gloomy, I also got in the mood for darkness! Don’t be afraid I’m quite happy in general!

So, prepare yourselves for some moody interiors that probably change your mind about dark colors.

02. dark rooms_mbf

This floor lamp in this darkness is so perfect! Gold and copper can add some elegance. From H&M’s home collection, via simplygrove

08. dark rooms_mbf

Black bedroom in white bedsheets! Dark and light together. It needs some sauciness like the plant here otherwise it may be boring. Photography by Kristofer Johnsson.

I don’t believe that a total black room is depressing. On the contrary, it can be very mysterious and warm and it can add a dramatic feeling. Black is very sophisticated color after all.
Of course, it should be used in rooms where natural light is plenty and the interior lighting should be designed carefully but when you have these you need only your style to fill the room!

Especially in bedrooms dark environment is really relaxing and it helps in a good night sleep! As melatonine needs total darkness to be produced, a black bedroom could prepare you for sleeping easily.

07. dark rooms_mbf

Black bedroom again in a more stylish way. Opening to a black bathroom too. via Desire to inspire | Photography by Romain Ricard

06. dark rooms_mbf

What about this total black dining room? Incredible. It helps in conectration to the food for sure. I imagine myself eating something very exceptional there! via vkvvisuals

05. dark rooms_mbf

Believe it or not this is a wardrobe! I won’t comment on the luxury but only on how some pops of color in combination with the light wooden floor and the chandelier can be almost a piece of art. via sfgirlbybay

04. dark rooms_mbf

Total black masterpiece. Very heavy of course, beauty&the beast could live there, but it’s beautiful! No source unfortunately

03. dark rooms_mbf

Black bedroom with some white details. Photography by Kristofer Johnsson

See another dark apartment from previous post here.

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