Fireplaces Vol.1

01. Fireplaces_v1_mbf

Paris apartment – Interior design by Jessica Vedel. Source unknown.

As I am writing this post my feet are a bit cold and I’m thinking how nice it would be if I had a fire next to me… I actually have a fireplace in the room but it’s really nothing comparing to these! Also, I should go to the basement for firewoods and I am very very lazy right now…

This month in Greece is super cold, we have snowing and stuff, fireplaces should be honored with a post, don’t you think? In fact, I found so many great examples that I decided to break the post in two parts. Besides the photos are so powerful that I didn’t want to ruin their glory. The first one in classic style and the second one (that will follow) in simple lines.

In this post, classy is the right word to describe these spaces. Elaborate decoration, romantic to eclectic style, traditional structure. BUT, what I love the most is their final aesthetic, where through material, colors and general decoration of the room (painting or nothing at all) we could describe them as even minimal! Except one, number 3 is totally classic and aristocratic! What is your favorite?

02. Fireplaces_v1_mbf

Gorgeous new fireplace in 1910’s Harbour Edge House by Fearon Hay Architects. Photo by Simon Wilson.

03. Fireplaces_v1_mbf

Paris apartment – Photos by Louise Desrosier for Milk Magazine.

04. Fireplaces_v1_mbf

Loft in Antwerp, designed by sculp(IT). Photo by Luc Roymans. Here the fireplace is modern but t’is placed in a traditional, highlighted ceiling, so the result is the same.





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