Fireplaces Vol.2

01. Fireplaces_v2_mbf

Earthy tones and simple lines in this fireplace. Via Time for Fashion

As I mentioned in the previous post, when winter is giving us cold feet (literally) we light a fire in our home. And if you have such a fireplace you don’t want anything else! Maybe a soft blanket and a book! And a hot drink with good company. Or -as a friend of mine corrected me once- hot company with a good drink! Choose your ideal situation.
In this post though I focus on fireplaces’s design. Simple lines, minimal style and some unusual decorations of them. Tiles for example and copper. It can be from earthy and sophisticated to funny, cool element of the room.

02. Fireplaces_v2_mbf

Just by color! Imagination in fireplaces now. Via Levis colour/possibilities collectie

03. Fireplaces_v2_mbf

Concrete and copper in Stockholm sports bar. Designed by Richard Lindvall. Via Wabi Sabi

04. Fireplaces_v2_mbf

Minimal structure but greatly decorated with white textured tiles. Studio Ko

La Minervetta Living Room 4

Beautiful fireplace for a summer house with a feminine touch. I would decorate it completely different but this is an opinion too. Via Orlando’s obsession





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