Flower patterns for Spring

Second day of March and Spring just started! Nature will start to bloom and our mood will be lighter, that’s for sure! For welcoming Spring I gathered some flower patterns. And because I can’t wait they have a tropical flavor as you can see. Have a colorful week, month and Monday!

spring patterns_09

Pattern design based on a Tropical theme. This pattern is part of A Side Project pattern collection. By Louise Jones

spring patterns_08

Blue flowers. Source unknown

spring patterns_06

From the collection of Pattern Textiles

spring patterns_05

Large-Flowered Broom Repeat Print by Andrea Stark

spring patterns_04

Tropical flowers, via gardening


4 thoughts on “Flower patterns for Spring

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  2. Hi, im in my second year of uni and i wanted to ask if i can use your work for my presentation layout for the end of year.

    • Hello Rehmat,
      the most of the images in my blog aren’t my creations so you’re fine by me but maybe you should ask for permission by the owners. Check the sources of the images you’re interested in if you need more information. If it’s a work of mine you’re free to use whatever you want as long as you mention it. Good luck at your presentation anyway!

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