Bucket list for when I finish the exhausting work!

bucket listGood morning!! Sunday today, I’m not working and I’m so happy!! Next week the project I’m working on is going to finish and I already think of all these I want to do after!! I made my bucket list today in a poster to see it every time I’m in a similar situation and to share it with you. Because I’m sure a lot of people can feel the same at some point! Of course, each one has different needs and dreams, these are my dreamy goals for the next days! I don’t know which of them I’ll fulfil but I’ll try for sure! I also hope the result of this work will be satisfying, fingers crossed…

I remember when I was in architecture school and was working my thesis where I was also very very tired I was daydreaming of watching Greys anatomy for days, eating pasta and sleeping for a whole week! I realize now that my needs are still the same, I will never change! What are your dreamy thoughts to keep you alive while working during an exhausting period?

Have a great Sunday!!!xoxo

One thought on “Bucket list for when I finish the exhausting work!

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