Flamingo products by the pool!

Flamingos are still here this summer to make our lives more tropical! Especially in Greece they are a fashion trend more than ever, I could say. And what would be more summery and cool theme for a shopping list than “flamingos for a day at the pool”! Things to wear, decorative items for your space, inflatable toys of course to relax in the water, flamingo ice-cubes, chopsticks and plates to serve some fresh fruits! Let’s flamingle!flamingo products by the pool_mbfCandles | 1.Grey flamingo candle (4.99€) 2.Set flamingo candles (16.29€) 3.Pink flamingo candle (1,05£) | Outfit | 4.Kate Spade metallic leather sandal (239.61€) 5.Asos Motel swimsuit (47.94€) 6.Asos Fringed dress (20.55€) 7.Kids flamingo flip-flops (18.16€) | Inflatables | 8.Inflatable flamingo coasters (8.84$) 9.Flamingo pool float (55$) 10.FunBoy inflatable pool float (89$) 11.Hand woven coconut fiber doormat (29.99$) 12.Inflatable flamingo pool toy (71.88€) | Plates | 13.Flamingo chopsticks (7.99$) 14.Fancy flamingo plate set (51.25€) 15.Yvonne Ellen plate set (35£) 16.The pink flamingo plate (26.95$) 17.Lou Rota small plate (28.99$) 18.Ice cube trays (20.13€)

For more flamingo products see the shopping list from last year “Flamingos Everywhere”

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