Summer Weekend

summertimeHello! This weekend feels so summery in Athens, memories from last last years are awaken, when we were younger and didn’t have jobs, worries etc. When we had so much time for vacation and we were spending a whole month on a place with our summer friends, all day at the beach, midday siestas, afternoon ice-creams and sleepless nights! Oh my…what a nostalgia!

The truth is we are in the heart of summer, my holidays are coming and I had the craziest working week!!! I had some weeks that I was almost just resting, suddenly 2 projects had to be done in 2 days each! And big ones…There’s no need to tell you what happened…no sleep for the whole week and I was working like I’d been on drugs! Like the cat that is sleeping and some noise frightens her and she runs like crazy, that was my situation! And now resting again!

I wish you the best rest of the weekend, enjoy your Sunday and of course in vintage summer mood!

Photo by Collin Erie

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