Summertime in North Euboea

thesea-shellsLast days I was on vacations in North Euboea and that’s the reason I was quite lost from the blog. It wasn’t planned so I didn’t have the time to prepare my absence but I will compensate you with some photos from my visit there. I was there again this winter, if you want see here to make a comparison of winter-summer in this place, it’s quite interesting! This time it was the classic summer holidays in a greek village. That is tranquility, heat stupefaction at noon, the sound of cicadas, all day at the sea until night, carelessness, cooked meals at the courtyard, grandparents and village people with their everyday life, wine with greek seafood tapas and trivial talks at nights…

If you get your mouse over some pictures there is a caption with some comments.

As you can see, anyone can live at the courtyard without any problem, it’s fully equipped for anything! The greenery was magnificent and the shadow that was created by the trees was just relieving from the generally hot weather.
Of course insects and some animals were presents completing the natural ambiance. Cicadas making that continuous noise, cats, chickens and unfortunately a lot of mosquitoes!! They made me like a colander. I loved looking at the cats being dizzy by the heat, lying flat on the floor! And then, when someone had some delicacy to give them they’re running like crazy!

My favorite time were the sea time! The beaches there were unbelievable, the beauty of the scenery and the clearness of the waters were breathtaking. Also, what I love there is that it’s very uncrowded. You can be all by yourself at some places, having your private beach! The water of course so clear and cool, very rejuvenating. I explored the sea bed with the least of equipment (mask and flippers) learning about fishes and sea creatures which I loved!!

There is an isolated and beautiful beach there where the sea ground after 5 steps is like an underwater cliff. Very scary at first! But after I got used to it and after some exploration of the sea bed it was very special! There were so many fishes inside, starfishes…and I don’t want to know what else!

I had a great time these days, it was over but I’m leaving on Sunday for a greek island where I believe I’ll have a great time as well! I’m of course in total summer mood and can’t wait for the following! Probably I’ll be absent from the blog but you’ll know now.. I hope you’re having a great time as well, on holidays or not, enjoying your summer and collecting memories! CU in a week!

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