Sikinos, Greece | Part 1

Sikinos chora

Chora of Sikinos during sunset

Here I am again! Summertime in Greece continues for good…August is the time where the whole town is missing, everything is closed, Athens has a unique tranquility and the hot weather makes you wanna leave. Again!
I just returned from my vacations on a beautiful Greek island and I am so eager to talk you about it! Sikinos is a small and very quiet island in south Cyclades. It’s kind of an outsider, a lot of Greeks don’t even know where it is. I was searching for something like this and I must say Sikinos fulfilled all my expectations! If you want an original place, no massive tourism, calm and relaxing for recharging your batteries, forget everything and beautiful over all, then this is it. I must say that of my first steps already I felt something magical to grab me and I knew that I’ll love it very quickly.

Sikinos has only 2 villages, one on the port called “Allopronoia” and the main village called “Chora” which is parted by 2 smaller settlements, facing each other. These 2 smaller are called “Kastro” where all the cafes and restaurants are and “Chorio” where older houses are creating a very picturesque scenery. They are built on 2 cliffs to be protected by pirates so you can imagine the view from there…In this post I will show you these settlements mostly. There wasn’t a lot to see, with one long stroll you’ll knew where everything was. Also, there weren’t a lot of choices to go out or shop. That’s the characteristic of Sikinos you should know.

However, the existent where just enough! You didn’t need anything more, they were few with top quality, so that it remains simple. Besides, after some days you should know everyone so the atmosphere becomes very friendly and you get to feel familiar very quickly. Also everything is located in the main alley, where all the locals and visitors are passing by, sitting, talking and having fun, feeling like you all are one company. You take your breakfast with the local priest in the next table, from whom you’ll buy honey, the mayor, the fisherman where you’re listening all the news of the island! I admit this was my favorite part.

There weren’t only choices of traditional style I must say. I fell in love with a cafe mostly for ice-creams and pastry that was very sophisticated with modern design and products. It felt so fresh in there, with white cement floors and walls, great lighting and music, a gallery wall with Greek products with great design from every corner of Greece-perfect for gifts! I picked out these miniature bottles of ouzo! Unfortunately, I was so focused in eating the divine ice-cream that I didn’t took enough photos. Sikinos kastro life 6_mbfAfter picking up my drooling I should return to some other aspects of “Kastro” with the main square, the destroyed house standing as an attraction (you can see how the house was functioning, the bed and the wood oven are still there) and the high school near to the cemetery where the past and the future are standing together.

Now is “Chorio” ‘s time…Across the “Kastro” on another cliff there is this beautiful settlement in different atmosphere. Here there are only houses, so it’s more quiet and used by locals. I almost missed it because you should climb enough stairs to get there but thankfully I did it!

Of course, it wouldn’t be the perfect summer vacation without the sea, right? Sikinos has only few of them and only 3 are car accessible! Crazy? Maybe, but this is Sikinos, you have 2,3 choices of everything and it will be good. More roads aren’t necessary for them because they’ll destroy the natural environment and besides that they have boats. In these distant beaches you can go by boat or by foot if you are in that mood! I will never get in that mood so we took a sailing boat that was making a tour of the whole island. It was the first time I got on a sailing boat and I must say it was very cool, though I got a bit nauseous at some point…and we were very lucky with the weather, go figure!

And last but no least, some details that give the color and the essence to what Sikinos was for me, miscellaneous photos for you to catch the feeling! One of the next days it will follow the part 2 from my trip to this fascinating island. Until then you have a lot of pics to see, I hope it was interesting for you too!

Until the next post and if you want to see more of greek island and summer vacation you can go to my last years post to Kimolos. Here, here and here! 

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