Sikinos, Greece | Part 2

Kastro of Sikinos, seen from Chorio

Kastro of Sikinos, seen from Chorio

Ta daa..!! And the 2nd post about my summer vacation at Sikinos is here! Clap clap clap…now it’s gonna be complete and attractive as it should I think. Well, as I write down all my memories from there I feel already nostalgic, imagine after some months what will happen! The truth is that the 5-6 days were few to me, I wanted more. It was just when we’ve seen almost everything and the absolute relaxation would start…as I had it in mind. You should know that Sikinos seems to have nothing to see but our 5 days were full!!
We were staying in Allopronoia, where the port is, but as you can see from the photos below it was nothing like a port! Calm blue waters, a large beach with sand in 5 steps from our room and cute white houses/small hotels on the sides. Simple and sterling cafes&restaurants were also there, just a few of them of course, where all the people were going there for a coffee or greek tapas with ouzo. And what made us a real impression: a lot of children everywhere!!! But a lot!!! Children and teenagers in large groups playing and flirting, offering such a liveliness!

I think I told you that Sikinos has only 3 beaches that are accessible by car. The second of them and the most famous is St.George. Classic beach of Cyclades, sand and pebbles, trees offering shadow for everybody (it wasn’t very crowded after all) and the clearest blue waters. Where you dive and forget to get out. Spending all day at the beach until the sun fades out or your stomach protests loudly! Though there is a restaurant on the beach but we didn’t try it.

Well, in my opinion one of the most important sights is a monastery on the top above Kastro. It’s cold Zoodohos Pigi or Chryssopigi and it was a female monastery built in 1690. Its operation was terminated in 1834 but until then it was used also as a refugee for the inhabitants from pirates. That’s why it had secret passages, crypts, battlements,¬†ramparts and breakout exits toward the cliff! That last impressed me a lot, you can see it in a photo, a small hole on dirt where people were escaping with ropes toward the cilff indeed!
You can go there by walking up the stoned stairs through Kastro, working out for real until you get there! A lot of stairs… However the view will reward you generously. The best time to go is on sunset for obvious reasons. The view is magnificent! You see all the settlement above you, the cliff of north side and the endless sea…
I shouldn’t forget to mention that a little lower from the monastery there is a small church that a famous national poet of ours requested it in his will and from there you have the best view of the sunset!

Another characteristic of Sikinos is that there are no roads! Well, almost… The road network is really short, just for 2,3 places. The existent of course is in great condition. However the best part of Sikinos is reserved for the trekker: ancient relics, secluded beaches, remote caves, high cliffs and passages through gorges, byzantine temples and a flora and fauna protected by the Natura 2000 European network. You can see more on their site if you want. I’m not at all a trekker so I didn’t use none of them!! But I should mention it because is very important there and it’s very well promoted. As far as we traveled in the island we were fascinated by the raw beauty of the environment. Really, there is nothing but slopes and cliffs but in the light of sunset were just magnificent.

For me, the most beautiful monument was Episkopi temple. In the mainland, after you drive during this magical light of sunset as I told you, you walk a little bit and you see it. A peculiar old temple standing through all these years, so fascinating! It’s said that it was a greek temple for Apollo but its type belongs to the roman mausoleums. In any case, around 17th century it was transformed into a domed christian church and the result is what you see. I was very impressed there, I finish my camera’s battery!

The last thing we saw on the island, 2 hours before our ship was leaving was the winery of Manalis, blessed with the best panoramic view of the Aegean see and islands. Thankfully we didn’t miss it because it was the best thing to do before leaving this amazing island. Enjoy the sunset with a glass of -very nice I must say- wine and think about your past days. If you want you can have a tour on the wine factory, sample the wines, sit for a glass or two or even enjoy a dinner on the restaurant. This must be very delicious from what I saw…yum! At their site there are many more photos and better than mine if you want to see.

Imagine now, after that idyllic moment in the winery, me and G were taking the road to return and we realize that we don’t find the tickets!!! I almost had a stroke and kill G… but as I talk with such a nostalgia and pleasure you can guess that we found them! I leave you now with some miscellaneous pics from our strolls on the island, to finish with a calm feeling of Sikinos details…
I hope I wasn’t wearing with all these photos, I found it really difficult to cut them down!

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