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Crepe stand at Takeshita street in Haranjuku!

One of the best things to do in Tokyo is eating strange, different and special foods, taste new delicacies or extravagant versions of usual food and also go shopping!! At the same time these can be of the worst things to do in Tokyo because you may don’t like the flavors or eat something you don’t know what it is and regret it forever(!) or you may spend all your money in useless cute stuff as shopping is quite expensive!

My favorite occupation this time in Tokyo was wandering in Haranjuku area and around discovering really special things! Haranjuku is the center of teenage culture and fashion style. You can find there cosplay costumes and crazy clothes and accessories like anime and of course you walk through people wearing them! It’s a real experience in my opinion.
I went to vintage/second hand shops (try to imagine Japanese version of vintage-I went crazy!) explored the kawaii style with enthusiasm, and I was seduced by the sense of style and boldness Japanese have! I mean “please take all my money now”!!!
However, I had the following dilemma all the time: one moment I was filling my basket with super girly yet silly stuff feeling like I was in a dream while the next moment my jaw was dropping with minimal and very stylish and chic clothes/accessories! I think if I was leaving there I would go poor and crazy…

My favorite places were Takeshita dori, LaForet witch was like an apocalypse, Kiddy Land and Omotesando street where there are all the famous brand name shops. I definitely recommend these! I also visited my first Aesop store which I loooove for the interior design but unfortunately didn’t find myself in their scents.
Below you can see my crop from Tokyo in general but I bought the most of them from there!

While you walk there you can’t (and really shouldn’t!!) miss eating a crepe! You see them in showcases and don’t believe what they put inside or you don’t believe you can eat all of this portion but in reality it’s much more manageable, you devour it in seconds. I ate one with whipped cream, blueberries and a whole piece of chocolate cake!! Oh my…

Regarding the food in Tokyo you have a lot of choices! But I mean a lot…From the original Japanese flavors to any fast food local or international, any international cuisine you like and of course a lot of mini markets-paradises for tourists as Lawson or Seven Eleven where you can eat cheap food. Also I think eating in Japan is an additional factor of experiencing the culture, very essential. Unfortunately eating in a restaurant is quite expensive, you can’t do that every day. We were like eating one day in a restaurant and 2 days ramen and Lawson sandwiches etc! One day we were unlucky and ate something really bad (for our preferences at least) and after that we were kind of afraid trying unknown stuff, like at street vendors.

Tokyo eating00_mbf

Entering the yokocho

Ramen is also a good choice and feeling very local but if you don’t love it you can’t eat it very often. Ramen is a large bowl of soup with noodles, pork and other things like roots, onion, egg etc and you should make noise while you slurping the soup to show you like it! I didn’t achieve of doing that at all!

Besides that we did eat sometimes amazing Japanese food which I’ll always remember! Yummy yummy…You’ll see at the photos below what I’m talking about.

Here it’s in a Japanese restaurant we got lucky to go, all we ordered was delicious!!! And the environment was incredible. In general in Tokyo’s restaurants the staff is super polite, when you enter the room they all shout something like welcome or thank you for coming (I hope..!) and they serve you with smile and humbleness and of course they bow endlessly when you leave! Unfortunately I couldn’t understand the restaurant’s name because it was only in Japanese but it was in Ginza corridor at a building’s floor.

Here is the second amazing experience in Kichiri restaurant at Shibuya. We were lucky enough to go to these private rooms because we wanted to be in a non smoking area and we were all alone enjoying our dinner. Here we were so carried away of what we were eating that we almost missed of taking a photo!

And here I took some shots a ramen place in Shimbashi where we lived and we really liked. Outside, before you enter the restaurant you print your order and pay at this machine on the photo and after that you go inside and give it to the cook. Usually it’s a narrow room where there is a counter with stools where you eat quickly and loudly! You can go easily all alone just to eat something and leave, you don’t go there to take your time eating and talking with a friend, people may wait for your spot!

And of course the classic sushi dinner at a restaurant at Roppongi Hills. I liked the many bowls and boxes with different ingredients you can add to your meal, the water faucet to add water and make your tea, it’s fun eating japanese food in general. Everything on the table has its role and they are all so cute!

Here is from my quick visit to Yokohama where I ate a mouth-watering hamburger at a food truck near Osanbashi pier!

And now I have some photos from the yokocho in Ebisu we went. Just Amazing!!

And this is a yokotcho near Shimbashi where we just entered to see it.


For closing I found some photos on the internet (because it was dark and didn’t have a camera) from a super cool cocktail bar we went in Ebisu, the Trench Bar. I found out later that the barman is said to be among the best mixologist in Tokyo, woohoo!! Our cocktails were indeed memorable and the ambience of the bar like from another era, it was the perfect night closure.

I think there are so many options in food and drink area in Tokyo that you just don’t have enough time! I was there for 2 whole weeks and I feel I still have so many to try! Maybe another time 😉 And then I could do some more shopping too..! 😉

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