Kawaii patterns | part 1

Kawaii style is now of my favorites and my patterns collection couldn’t miss it! Of course they are so many patterns on the internet that once again I couldn’t restrain myself, I tried to keep it in 2 posts and I think I made cute choices!

Of course cute, as kawaii means exactly that, everything that is cute, animals, candy, foods etc, everything with faces! From classic starbucks cups (it reminds me the sakura beverage that fortunately it was there while I was in Tokyo) to washi tapes and unicorns to remind us that life is a matter of dreaming and having fun! (I wish…)

Kawai cat via duitang | Pusheens via duitang | Onigiri time! via society6 | Candy jars via weheartit

Puffy friends via kawaiiBox | Hair pins via mobile9 | Washi tape via society6 | cuties via duitang

Pastel sharks via we heart it | Milk in a box via society6  | Cute troll dolls, source unknown

Hell yeah ribbon via tumblr | Unicorns via Ohmydior | Globes via tumblr | Cool hearts via tumblr

Keep calm and stay kawaii!!



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