Sushi-licious patterns

Hello hello again! After all this time I’m here again for some delicious patterns! The inspiration was a dinner night last week at Sushimou, the best sushi restaurant in Athens! It’s the closest I’ve ever ate to what I ate at Tokyo, it’s a real savorous experience, the chef is the best and we’re very lucky to have it here! In fact, it’s almost a year from our trip to Japan so we went there as a celebration. After that we were drunk with sake and happiness…
The results are below, enjoy!

1. Onigiri in pink by Rhubarb&Cod  2. Shrimp nigiri   3. Maki with chopsticks by Susi´s Cauldron  4. Sushi pattern by Laura Manfre  5. Japanese food box by Papern Paper Co

From onigiri to maki, nigiri, sashimi and chopsticks, everything you can imagine is here. There were so many more but I tried to be realistic…I don’t know if it’s because Japanese art is so sophisticated and advanced, maybe because kawaii style and manga have a lot of drawings and image decorations but there are a lot of beautiful watercolors or graphic works of Japanese food on the internet! I discovered a great artist, Justine Wong, creator of the project ’21 Days in Japan: An Illustrative Study on Japanese Cuisine’, consisting of 100 paintings of her meals throughout Japan. It’s so beautiful!

  1. Sushi with dots by Cecilia Renlund  2. Blue sushi by Alexandra Bond  3. Sashimi watercolor by Justine Wong  4. Sushi cat pattern by Siyiart  5. Sashimi by Rhubarb & Cod

You know, some rules of sushi eating are that you should grab the nigiri with your hands (not chopsticks) and you dive only the fish at soy sauce, not the rice 😉 . I think my favorite tastes are at sashimi dishes, i love almost everything! And imagine that years ago I hated sushi!
Of course here we have also cats in sushi and cats in soy sauce, cats can never be missing from Japanese illustrations!

  1. Sushi scrimps by Susanne Floe  2. Nigiri watercolor by Justine Wong  3. Sushi pattern by Sundra Art   4. Pink sushi by Creative Streetwear  5. Blue sushi pattern by Robin Sheldon

Shrimps, tuna, salmon, see weeds, wasabi and everything are in repeat making us drooling and smiling! Which is your favorite sushi ingredient?

  1. Sushi plate pattern by Sundra Art  2. Sushi orange by Jenny Viljaniemi  3. Sushi love via pinterest  4. Cats and soy sauce pattern by Mikaylart  5. Sushi in turquoise by Bronte Poynts 

Bright colors, even fluorescent, graphic illustrations or more realistic and depicting all these sushi patterns are perfect to gets us in the mood of Japan! Grab the chopsticks, pour some sake at your glasses and let’s go!

  1. Sake watercolor by Justine Wong 2. Sushi pattern in pink by Jessica Singh  3. Sushi pattern by Gifts Pattern

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