Patterns from India | Part 2

The Indian spirit is still burning inside my blue flamingo guys! Don’t lose hope, the patterns about this amazing culture are on the way, as I promised! After the first post of the series “Patterns from India” we continue here with some abstract motifs, flowers, lotus flowers mostly, paisleys, blocked technique for fabrics etc which are very popular in India. They use flowers everywhere, mostly as offers to gods but in general everything is so colorful and they have amazing fabrics with so many prints! So, at this post we’ll enjoy this aspect of India depicted in patterns.

  1. Flowered theme pattern in white background via WeHeartIt  2. Diecut Tiled by David Matthew Parker  3. Indian inspired morifs in yellow by Daneisha Kay  4. Pink paisley by Janet Broxon 5. Abstract colorful motifs via Coquita 

What I learned there and really impressed me was the Woodblock printing technique on textiles. It’s very developed and common to decorate their fabrics, and it’s very interesting during the process. I found only a few for this pattern collection but if you search on the internet I’m sure you’ll be amazed.

  1. Light pink motifs via Pinterest  2&3&4. Woodblocking printed patterns via BibliOdyssey  5. Blue madras paisley delft via InsideStores  6. Magenta paisleys by Wagner Campelo

Next group is of course about flowers, in yellow and orange colors, their national color combination I’d say! Besides, marigolds are very characteristics of India, as people make welcome necklaces for visitors.

  1. Tropical floral wallpaper by Tania Rivilis  2. Orange flowers (it’s chinese art but could be indian art easily with marigolds!) via South Kensington museum  3. Autumn delight lotus by Soul of Birds  4. Blue Tropical Gardern Patterns by Tetiana Kartasheva via Pinterest  5. Yellow flowers via Pinterest

And we’ll finish with more flowers, in pink/red hues this time another loving color for Indian people. And mine. Lotus flower is also very appreciated and very beautiful.

  1. Pink Harajuku Tokyo lotus by Natalie Robin Design  2. Pink flowers in light blue via Pinterest  3. Pink peonies in red by Tatsushi Eto  4. Flowers via Patterns&Prints   5. Warm flower wallpaper via Patternatic

Check the other post about Patterns from India here.

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