CaptureHello! My name is Pinelopi and I have difficulty talking about myself!
I am an architect, living and working in Athens, Greece. I travel a lot, well I try whenever I can, and I take A LOT  of photos!! Also, I have 2 cats that I adore – Elvis and Neko – and I constantly take their photos, some of them you can find in my Instagram account.

This blog startet some years ago as an inspiration field about my work and my aesthetic quests. Year to year, it changed to something like a personal diary about my travellings as I wanted to remember my vacations as vivid as possible.

Alongside, I used to create pattern collections with a theme, also inspired by my travellings sometimes, which I think I may keep it. They, afterall, are vary famous here.

Please feel free to email me about anything you would like to ask or comment on my blog.

PS. All the photos except these from my travellings aren’t mine. So please if you find a photo of yours and it doesn’t have the source send me a message to add it or ask me to remove it. I have no intention of abusing other’s property. All the others, are taken by me and my personal camera.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Pinelopi! I was sure how to email you directly so I’m going to leave a comment!
    I was wondering where you get a lot of your patterns from? I make occasion cards (like for birthdays or anniversaries, etc.) but I don’t want to get in trouble for using a pattern that I found on your blog!
    Please email me back!

    • Hello Haley! At first, thank you for liking my pattern collections 🙂 Well, i find all of them in different sites, most of the times via pinterest. Usually i have the source on the description of each photo, so you can track them down. I’m perfectly ok to use a pattern from my blog!

  2. Hello Pinelopi I am curious where you found the photograph of the neon motel sign with the diving ladies. I love that sign, it is a classic and the photograph is very well done.


    • Hello John! I don’t have the source of the exact photo, but after a short research I found that it’s the sign at Starlite Motel in Mesa, Arizona. So, if you search about it you’ll find a lot of photos of this sign. Check here: goo.gl/8n6MN7

  3. Hi Pinelopi,
    You have really nice pictures! I would like to know where you got the coffee picture with scrabbles from and if it is yours, could we use it for our Instagram account? Of course you would be tagged! Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Marion! Thank you for your preferance in my blog 🙂
      This image is not mine and I don’t know the owner. Also, I did recently a “cleaning” and erased a lot of old posts so I don’t have it anymore.
      However if you search it in google images you may find something. Like this: https://bit.ly/2WGQ2Zn
      I hope I helped you!

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