Boxy Fine Foods, Ghent

Boxy Fine Foods, Ghent, counter2Today I’m back with an interior design after a long time! I think I will compensate you with today’s post, tell me at the end!
What can anyone say about this deli store/ catering space that leaves you breathless! I got so in loved when I saw it that words cant’s describe my admiration. Belgian twin brothers, Kristof and Stefan Boxy opened this store in Ghent, Belgium following their big carrier in culinary . Several michelin star restaurants, catering businesses and cookbooks (Just Cooking) can prove their talent. Unfortunately, this venture closed after a year for unknown reasons. For sure it’s worth noticed after all. Boxy Fine Foods, Ghent, counter3 Designed in collaboration with Frederic Hooft, it’s a luxurius space, very chic and elegant with a contemporary touch. As you can see it doesn’t seem old and heavy decorated but very fresh and modern. The beautiful moldings on the ceilings, the sparkling chandeliers, the sumptuous mirrors, the wooden floor and some antique furniture are combined with the minimal display cases and counters, naked walls and off-white colors. That’s how the atmosphere of history and tradition with a modern twist is created. Minimal opulence! The setting reminds us of a museum or an art gallery, which is partly the reason the whole enterprise appears opulent and luxurious and sets one up to expect high prices and superior quality. – Tuija Seipell. Boxy Fine Foods, Ghent, counter Boxy Fine Foods, Ghent, cheese Boxy Fine Foods, Ghent, charcuterie Boxy Fine Foods, Ghent, entranceAt the entrance there is also a surprising installation. Two hanging  sets of mossy balls with plants welcome us and soften the white environment of the inside. Yet they strenghten the impression of an art gallery! Photographs by Frederik Vercruysse and Boxy Fine Foods.

Pink for Spring!

pink for spring 01_mbf

Tulip chair with pink cushion photographed by Janis Nicolay | via Desire to Inspire

One sunny day is enough to help the spring get inside me! I’m so looking forward for this season every year! It’s not my favorite-summer will always be the king-but I’m always thrilled for this changing of weather, nature and mood of people! So, inspired by spring today, I collected some environments that have this joyful spirit, with one common clue: pink color! What color would be more suitable afterall? Especially for this blog… Decorate with pink to bring the spring in your home!

pink for spring 10_mbf

Bar cart with flamingo wallpaper via Rue daily

pink for spring 09_mbf

Pink elegance by artnau

pink for spring 08_mbf

Florist Chair by Knauf and Brown | via Leibal

pink for spring 07_mbf

Gorgeous outdoor chairs “Baia” by Paola Lenti | via Style park

pink for spring 06_mbf

Pink Smeg fridge photographed by Claus Bellers&Thomas Ibsen | via Bolig magazine

pink for spring 05_mbf

Hot pink wall with bright colors – eye candy! By Frillie designs on flickr

pink for spring 04_mbf

Pink sheepskin and tolix chair in total white environment…not bad right? via Lauren Conrad

pink for spring 03_mbf

One of my favorite color combinations: pink with red! Photograph by Lisa Cohen, styling by Indianna Foord | via Vogue magazine

pink for spring 02_mbf

A flamingo in the house always brings pink in the house! via Milk Magazine-Designerbox

PS. See some more pictures with flamingos in the house in an old post here

I’m bananas for you

Bananas 1_mbfWhat a place! I think either you love it or hate it! Helena Jauma and Yolanda Vilalta are the designers of this bar-restaurant in Barcelona. Bananas has a mind travelling environment that almost cheer me up by looking it. Imagine being there…I think myself drinking cocktails and never get out in reality! Especially these rainy and gloomy days in Athens, full of work it seems kind of ideal!

As I’ve mentioned before I love kitsch! That’s why I also loved Bananas. Excess everywhere! Maybe It’s an attack for your eyes, i don’t know. Tell me what you think!

Bananas 2_mbf Bananas 3_mbf Bananas 4_mbf Bananas 5_mbf Bananas 6_mbfFrom where to start? Bright colors in furniture in colonial style. Neon lights in tropical schemes. Big palm trees and banana leafs everywhere. Tropical animals on walls-I love these leopards spy on us everywhere! Vintage furniture of the 50’s such as tables salvaged from a ship and Louis Poulsen lamps from Denmark. This lovely floor with colorful tiles. All these create a Caribbean feeling, lighten the mood like it’s summer and you can be as crazy you like!

Bananas 7_mbf Bananas 8_mbf Bananas 9_mbf Bananas 10_mbf Bananas 11_mbfIf you like kitsch style see also this post from archives: Kitsch in decoration!

Fireplaces Vol.2

01. Fireplaces_v2_mbf

Earthy tones and simple lines in this fireplace. Via Time for Fashion

As I mentioned in the previous post, when winter is giving us cold feet (literally) we light a fire in our home. And if you have such a fireplace you don’t want anything else! Maybe a soft blanket and a book! And a hot drink with good company. Or -as a friend of mine corrected me once- hot company with a good drink! Choose your ideal situation.
In this post though I focus on fireplaces’s design. Simple lines, minimal style and some unusual decorations of them. Tiles for example and copper. It can be from earthy and sophisticated to funny, cool element of the room.

02. Fireplaces_v2_mbf

Just by color! Imagination in fireplaces now. Via Levis colour/possibilities collectie

03. Fireplaces_v2_mbf

Concrete and copper in Stockholm sports bar. Designed by Richard Lindvall. Via Wabi Sabi

04. Fireplaces_v2_mbf

Minimal structure but greatly decorated with white textured tiles. Studio Ko

La Minervetta Living Room 4

Beautiful fireplace for a summer house with a feminine touch. I would decorate it completely different but this is an opinion too. Via Orlando’s obsession





Fireplaces Vol.1

01. Fireplaces_v1_mbf

Paris apartment – Interior design by Jessica Vedel. Source unknown.

As I am writing this post my feet are a bit cold and I’m thinking how nice it would be if I had a fire next to me… I actually have a fireplace in the room but it’s really nothing comparing to these! Also, I should go to the basement for firewoods and I am very very lazy right now…

This month in Greece is super cold, we have snowing and stuff, fireplaces should be honored with a post, don’t you think? In fact, I found so many great examples that I decided to break the post in two parts. Besides the photos are so powerful that I didn’t want to ruin their glory. The first one in classic style and the second one (that will follow) in simple lines.

In this post, classy is the right word to describe these spaces. Elaborate decoration, romantic to eclectic style, traditional structure. BUT, what I love the most is their final aesthetic, where through material, colors and general decoration of the room (painting or nothing at all) we could describe them as even minimal! Except one, number 3 is totally classic and aristocratic! What is your favorite?

02. Fireplaces_v1_mbf

Gorgeous new fireplace in 1910’s Harbour Edge House by Fearon Hay Architects. Photo by Simon Wilson.

03. Fireplaces_v1_mbf

Paris apartment – Photos by Louise Desrosier for Milk Magazine.

04. Fireplaces_v1_mbf

Loft in Antwerp, designed by sculp(IT). Photo by Luc Roymans. Here the fireplace is modern but t’is placed in a traditional, highlighted ceiling, so the result is the same.





Office of the week

BandG-Reception-2012_m Good morning and happy February! Let’s hope it’ll roll smoothly! As a new month starts and a week at the same time I decided to start some posts every Monday. To sweetened the difficult day a bit! This time it won’t be on monday but that’s going to be the spirit. And the subject of them will be home offices. Cozy, cute, creative and joyful working spaces! As if we worked from home..every Monday I wish I worked in my place!

This office is as funny as it gets! It just gets you a happy face just looking it. Permanent balloons from one side and jenga legs from the other! I wonder if we worked in a desk of balloons our work would be the same? Our desk would be super awesome that would be sure!
It’s in Dublin at the agency Boys and Girls. See more here.

Mid century shopping list

Do you remember the mid-century crisis I have recently? It’s in this post and this post for those who need a reminder. So, I made 2 moodboards-shopping lists for you! One for the austere, elegant style and one for the happy, colored one. Chose your favorite and adapt it to your home!

austere list

1. Drommen bed from CB2 (850,05€) | 2. 3pieces vase set from CB2 (16,98€) | 3. Tork brass dripping mirror from CB2 (194,86€) | 4. Austin floor lamp from MADE (79£) | 5. Max brass sculpture from CB2 (42,50€) | 6. Zemi stool from CB2 (101,26€) | 7. Elixir mini bar from CB2 (254,42€) | 8. Cut glass bulb from CB2 (6,76€) | 9. Adelle rug black from FAB (599$) | 10. Fringe with benefits throw from CB2 (101,26€)

midcentury color1. Art print from society6 (17,00$) | 2. Judy throw (99,00$) | 3. Cohen table lamp from MADE (55£) | 4. Esme desk from MADE (279£) | 5. Fetch lamp from FAB (49,50$) | 6. Jonah sofa from MADE (499£) | 7. Fonteyn bedside table from MADE (199£) | 8. Seafoam vase from CB2 (14,42€) | 9. Dakota rug from MADE (249£)

Decor love: Pianos

00.Piano love_mbf

Grand piano in a classical environment. So beautiful. Via dailydreamdecor

As I’ve mentioned in my “about” page I used to play the piano for many many years. And as a consequence I love it!! Probably, because I love playing, hearing etc and I’m very emotionally connected I love the piano as a decor element too. It totally upgrades a room and it adds some luxury and good taste!
However, it doesn’t have to be heavy and posh, but can also be accesible and very friendly. Depending on how you’ll decorate it. In these photos we have the glorious black grand piano, solo in the room and some others in the color of wood, decorated with elegant posters, dolls and small plants. And if you put a sheep skin on the ottoman you totally got me!

01.Piano love_mbf

Beautiful deco style piano. The posters, dolls and everything create a friendly atmosphere. Via the mokkasin

Detail of the previous photo. Watch the lamp hanging!

Detail of the previous photo. Watch the lamp hanging!

I like tha Bob Dylan picture on the piano. And the sheepskin! Source: Momo&Coco

I like tha Bob Dylan picture on the piano. And the sheepskin! Source: Momo&Coco

Very artistic space! via the Shiny Squirrel

Very artistic space! via the Shiny Squirrel

Haven't seen striped piano before. It reminds me of bamboos and with the green floor ti has something exotic. Source: Mariko Reed

Haven’t seen striped piano before. It reminds me of bamboos and with the green floor ti has something exotic. Source: Mariko Reed

06.Piano love_mbf

Great way of displaying a piano. This mirror-colored circle above the piano is something else! Source: La stanza del pianoforte. Photo: Helenio Barbetta


Mid century style – colored version

After the austere version of mid-century style in design that I posted recently, I gathered some examples of colored ones! These spaces are of course more funny and maybe more pleasant for many people. They make the old style seem so fresh and modern that you wonder how you hated these furniture some years ago! Personally, I adore mid-century style! I find it super classy and stylish. See for yourselves and tell me what you think!
Especially with this lighting below, I fell in deep love…

Emerald obsession by Twig Hutchinson

Emerald obsession by Twig Hutchinson

Bec Britain via artnau

Bec Britain via artnau

CC Tapis via artnau

CC Tapis via artnau

House at Sao Paolo, via Miluccia

House at Sao Paolo, via Miluccia

If you want some more of it…See HERE a restaurant that in Sofia that recently opened and I was one of its architects and I’m very proud of!! The realisation of mid-century “fun” style!!

Autumn essentials printable

autumn-essentials-printable-free-downloadWhat I like the most in autumn is the warm and sweet feeling you begin to have and the mood for cozy nights at home! Soft blankets, brown leather accessories, delicious pies and hot drinks to keep you warm during the firsts chills!

This is a beautiful art print that in my opinion depicts all of these! Emily’s blog is one of my favorites for her small art projects, mostly stationery. I like her works because through watercolors she makes beautiful pieces with a nostalgic feeling that I can see myself in them. Here I have a print for autumn essentials that you can download and hang it in a wall and smile when you look at it! If you click on the image it’s in larger size but you can go to emily’s page and download it for free.

autumn essentials finished