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One of the best things to do in Tokyo is eating strange, different and special foods, taste new delicacies or extravagant versions of usual food and also go shopping!! At the same time these can be of the worst things … Continue reading

Flamingo products by the pool!

Flamingos are still here this summer to make our lives more tropical! Especially in Greece they are a fashion trend more than ever, I could say. And what would be more summery and cool theme for a shopping list than “flamingos for a day at the pool”! Things to wear, decorative items for your space, inflatable toys of course to relax in the water, flamingo ice-cubes, chopsticks and plates to serve some fresh fruits! Let’s flamingle!flamingo products by the pool_mbfCandles | 1.Grey flamingo candle (4.99€) 2.Set flamingo candles (16.29€) 3.Pink flamingo candle (1,05£) | Outfit | 4.Kate Spade metallic leather sandal (239.61€) 5.Asos Motel swimsuit (47.94€) 6.Asos Fringed dress (20.55€) 7.Kids flamingo flip-flops (18.16€) | Inflatables | 8.Inflatable flamingo coasters (8.84$) 9.Flamingo pool float (55$) 10.FunBoy inflatable pool float (89$) 11.Hand woven coconut fiber doormat (29.99$) 12.Inflatable flamingo pool toy (71.88€) | Plates | 13.Flamingo chopsticks (7.99$) 14.Fancy flamingo plate set (51.25€) 15.Yvonne Ellen plate set (35£) 16.The pink flamingo plate (26.95$) 17.Lou Rota small plate (28.99$) 18.Ice cube trays (20.13€)

For more flamingo products see the shopping list from last year “Flamingos Everywhere”

Pink for Spring!

pink for spring 01_mbf

Tulip chair with pink cushion photographed by Janis Nicolay | via Desire to Inspire

One sunny day is enough to help the spring get inside me! I’m so looking forward for this season every year! It’s not my favorite-summer will always be the king-but I’m always thrilled for this changing of weather, nature and mood of people! So, inspired by spring today, I collected some environments that have this joyful spirit, with one common clue: pink color! What color would be more suitable afterall? Especially for this blog… Decorate with pink to bring the spring in your home!

pink for spring 10_mbf

Bar cart with flamingo wallpaper via Rue daily

pink for spring 09_mbf

Pink elegance by artnau

pink for spring 08_mbf

Florist Chair by Knauf and Brown | via Leibal

pink for spring 07_mbf

Gorgeous outdoor chairs “Baia” by Paola Lenti | via Style park

pink for spring 06_mbf

Pink Smeg fridge photographed by Claus Bellers&Thomas Ibsen | via Bolig magazine

pink for spring 05_mbf

Hot pink wall with bright colors – eye candy! By Frillie designs on flickr

pink for spring 04_mbf

Pink sheepskin and tolix chair in total white environment…not bad right? via Lauren Conrad

pink for spring 03_mbf

One of my favorite color combinations: pink with red! Photograph by Lisa Cohen, styling by Indianna Foord | via Vogue magazine

pink for spring 02_mbf

A flamingo in the house always brings pink in the house! via Milk Magazine-Designerbox

PS. See some more pictures with flamingos in the house in an old post here


decembrr flamingoToday is 1st of December and I can’t believe how fast the days are gone! I’m already in Christmas mood, I must say. As December is considered the start of winter and the real cold temperatures I will post a photo shooting that I loved! “Antartica-the white continent” of Gray Malin has a surprising reflect to what we think of the snow covered continent.
“Using select items to provide contrast, this series captures two parallels coming together and presents a larger message about the changing landscape of our world due to shifting climates” he says.

Have a great month!

1 Gray-Malin-Green-Tube-Icy-Bay Gray-Malin-Green-Umbrella-Vertical Gray-Malin-Neon-Beach-Ball-Icebergs Gray-Malin-Swan-Ice-Bridge

Flamingos everywhere!

Flamingos are here to stay, this summer they are a fashion trend! The truth is that it’s a very summery and fun animal pattern, pink is bliss! That’s why my blue flamingo will show you today some flamingo products that can put some nice carelessness in your life! After Flamingo Towel Clips that I posted on my Facebook page I thought that you’d like something more!
flamingo products2


1. Small blank notebook (4.52€), 2. Shower curtain (75.39€), 3. Tiny lawn flamingo for garden (9.05€), 4. Print headband (9.01€), 5. iPhone case (12.92€), 6. String lights (19.99$), 7. Cookie cutter (1.70€), 8. Napkins-set of 2 (20.36€), 9. Plastic lawn flamingos-set of 2 (16.24$), 10. 6 Mini flamingo soaps (3.77€)