Patterns from India | Part 2

The Indian spirit is still burning inside my blue flamingo guys! Don’t lose hope, the patterns about this amazing culture are on the way, as I promised! After the first post of the series “Patterns from India” we continue here with some abstract motifs, flowers, lotus flowers mostly, paisleys, blocked technique for fabrics etc which are very popular in India. They use flowers everywhere, mostly as offers to gods but in general everything is so colorful and they have amazing fabrics with so many prints! So, at this post we’ll enjoy this aspect of India depicted in patterns.

  1. Flowered theme pattern in white background via WeHeartIt  2. Diecut Tiled by David Matthew Parker  3. Indian inspired morifs in yellow by Daneisha Kay  4. Pink paisley by Janet Broxon 5. Abstract colorful motifs via Coquita 

What I learned there and really impressed me was the Woodblock printing technique on textiles. It’s very developed and common to decorate their fabrics, and it’s very interesting during the process. I found only a few for this pattern collection but if you search on the internet I’m sure you’ll be amazed.

  1. Light pink motifs via Pinterest  2&3&4. Woodblocking printed patterns via BibliOdyssey  5. Blue madras paisley delft via InsideStores  6. Magenta paisleys by Wagner Campelo

Next group is of course about flowers, in yellow and orange colors, their national color combination I’d say! Besides, marigolds are very characteristics of India, as people make welcome necklaces for visitors.

  1. Tropical floral wallpaper by Tania Rivilis  2. Orange flowers (it’s chinese art but could be indian art easily with marigolds!) via South Kensington museum  3. Autumn delight lotus by Soul of Birds  4. Blue Tropical Gardern Patterns by Tetiana Kartasheva via Pinterest  5. Yellow flowers via Pinterest

And we’ll finish with more flowers, in pink/red hues this time another loving color for Indian people. And mine. Lotus flower is also very appreciated and very beautiful.

  1. Pink Harajuku Tokyo lotus by Natalie Robin Design  2. Pink flowers in light blue via Pinterest  3. Pink peonies in red by Tatsushi Eto  4. Flowers via Patterns&Prints   5. Warm flower wallpaper via Patternatic

Check the other post about Patterns from India here.

Patterns from India | Part 1

I’m at last so happy to present you my first pattern collection with Indian theme! From the time I came back I dived in to working and that’s why it took me so long to prepare it. Another reason though was that I found a completely new world of patterns when I started my research. Because of that I decided to make 3 different posts with Indian themed patterns, separated by subject, to be possible to unwind this amazing new world. I hope you’ll be on board with this and enjoy them as I did!

This group of patterns is about nature of India: the magical jungle, animals that impressed me and delicious fruits!

1.Palm trees via Pinterest, 2. India poster via The Messes of Men,  3. Green leaves via ModernVintageInterior, 4. Leaves in yellow by Tas Lima,  5. Blue jungle via google images,  6. Light green jungle by BN Wallcoverings, 7. Lead elephant-Arjuna by ranganath krishnamani,  8. Pink palm trees via Pinterest,  9. Singita jungle by Cole&Son

So we started with the jungle…so many trees and plants, India is very rich in nature! Palm trees, teak forests and a bunch of so many others I don’t know!

Of course, among them, in the jungle but not only you meet a lot of exotic (for us) animals. Tigers, crocodiles, a lot of monkeys, peacocks, wild boar, deer etc…We saw all of them there but here I have only some.

1.Mad about Monkeys by Owen Davey,  2. Tigers in the jungle by Monica Ramos,  3. Tigers by Design Comb,  4.Bengale by Manuel Canovas,  5. Peacock feathers via Patterns&Prints,  6. Blue Sumatra by FabLab

Then, I couldn’t miss the elephants! They deserve a group by themselves because I could say it’s the 2nd national animal of India, you see it everywhere! It’s supposed to bring you luck and depending on the elephant’s trunk direction it’s a blessing or welcoming message etc. Don’t forget that they have also a god with elephant’s figure, Ganesh, but this will follow on the second part!

1.Grey elephants pattern by Marie Gardeski, 2. Suzani elephant caravan via eQuilter,  3. Decorated elephants print via society6,  4. Mehndi elephant print via etsy,  5.  Indian elephants by tabularosi,  6. Elephant with flowers by Bethan Janine

However, the most characteristic animal of India is of course the holy cow. Along with monkeys are the most common animals you run into your stay there. They are almost everywhere!! At first you feel quite surprised but after some days MAYBE you stop photographing them!

1.Cow print by Moirarae,  2. Holy cows pattern by KarenHarveyCox,  3. Grey monkeys by natalia zaratiegui,  4. Green monkeys by Mirella Bruno,  5. Brahman cattle cow in pink by PetFriendly

For closure I have some yummy fruits for you! Mangos, pineapples, papayas, coconuts and bananas are only some of them. Especially when we visited India it was mango season and there were selling tents every 10m on the roads. Delicious exotic fruits every day, what a treat!
An interesting fact is that coconut is very important to them, almost holy, they offer it to their gods, representing the desirable situation of being a better person. Cracking their ego and finding their inner truth exactly as the sweet, nurturing coconut.

1.Bold Papayas by Bouffants&Broken hearts,  2. Mangos via society6,  3. Coconut pattern by Megatronster,  4. Tropical fruits via Pinterest,  5. Yellow bananas by Laura Manfre, 6. Frozen bananas via Redbubble,  7. Pink bananas by Lizzy Dee Studio

Sushi-licious patterns

Hello hello again! After all this time I’m here again for some delicious patterns! The inspiration was a dinner night last week at Sushimou, the best sushi restaurant in Athens! It’s the closest I’ve ever ate to what I ate at Tokyo, it’s a real savorous experience, the chef is the best and we’re very lucky to have it here! In fact, it’s almost a year from our trip to Japan so we went there as a celebration. After that we were drunk with sake and happiness…
The results are below, enjoy!

1. Onigiri in pink by Rhubarb&Cod  2. Shrimp nigiri   3. Maki with chopsticks by Susi´s Cauldron  4. Sushi pattern by Laura Manfre  5. Japanese food box by Papern Paper Co

From onigiri to maki, nigiri, sashimi and chopsticks, everything you can imagine is here. There were so many more but I tried to be realistic…I don’t know if it’s because Japanese art is so sophisticated and advanced, maybe because kawaii style and manga have a lot of drawings and image decorations but there are a lot of beautiful watercolors or graphic works of Japanese food on the internet! I discovered a great artist, Justine Wong, creator of the project ’21 Days in Japan: An Illustrative Study on Japanese Cuisine’, consisting of 100 paintings of her meals throughout Japan. It’s so beautiful!

  1. Sushi with dots by Cecilia Renlund  2. Blue sushi by Alexandra Bond  3. Sashimi watercolor by Justine Wong  4. Sushi cat pattern by Siyiart  5. Sashimi by Rhubarb & Cod

You know, some rules of sushi eating are that you should grab the nigiri with your hands (not chopsticks) and you dive only the fish at soy sauce, not the rice 😉 . I think my favorite tastes are at sashimi dishes, i love almost everything! And imagine that years ago I hated sushi!
Of course here we have also cats in sushi and cats in soy sauce, cats can never be missing from Japanese illustrations!

  1. Sushi scrimps by Susanne Floe  2. Nigiri watercolor by Justine Wong  3. Sushi pattern by Sundra Art   4. Pink sushi by Creative Streetwear  5. Blue sushi pattern by Robin Sheldon

Shrimps, tuna, salmon, see weeds, wasabi and everything are in repeat making us drooling and smiling! Which is your favorite sushi ingredient?

  1. Sushi plate pattern by Sundra Art  2. Sushi orange by Jenny Viljaniemi  3. Sushi love via pinterest  4. Cats and soy sauce pattern by Mikaylart  5. Sushi in turquoise by Bronte Poynts 

Bright colors, even fluorescent, graphic illustrations or more realistic and depicting all these sushi patterns are perfect to gets us in the mood of Japan! Grab the chopsticks, pour some sake at your glasses and let’s go!

  1. Sake watercolor by Justine Wong 2. Sushi pattern in pink by Jessica Singh  3. Sushi pattern by Gifts Pattern

Kawaii patterns | part 2

kawaii love3

Kawaii love wallpaper via nicolesclasses and my blue flamingo’s touch!

Here I am again to continue the kawaii spirit on patterns! I made the promise and I kept it! Anyway, I absolutely love them, so it’s really fun creating these collections. This time I gathered more girly stuff, cute animals, yummy delicacies and combinations of them!

Just imagine a Japanese girl wearing such a vintage watch on her wrist, she writes a love letter as she talks on the phone with her best friend, wearing pink bows on her hair and stroking her cute cat that licks the nutella jar on the floor!!

See here the first part of the collection (and learn what kawaii is if you don’t know) for even more cuteness in repeat!

  1. Love letters via weheartit  2. Vintage watches via mammysam  3. Glitter cameras via weheartit   4. Cacti! via freepeople
  1. Pikatsu cats (alas!) via pinterest  2. Pancakes via tumblr  3. Hatchiko dog via tumblr  4. greedy nutella cats via pinterest
  1. Sushi with love via ebay  2. Pink bows by The Pink Samurai  3. Cats with unknown source  4. Kawaii desu by Omoshiroi 
  1. Molang by blippo-kawaii  2. Many molangs via duitang  3. Girly telephones via ohmydior  4. Cute cats via duitang

Kawaii patterns | part 1

Kawaii style is now of my favorites and my patterns collection couldn’t miss it! Of course they are so many patterns on the internet that once again I couldn’t restrain myself, I tried to keep it in 2 posts and I think I made cute choices!

Of course cute, as kawaii means exactly that, everything that is cute, animals, candy, foods etc, everything with faces! From classic starbucks cups (it reminds me the sakura beverage that fortunately it was there while I was in Tokyo) to washi tapes and unicorns to remind us that life is a matter of dreaming and having fun! (I wish…)

Kawai cat via duitang | Pusheens via duitang | Onigiri time! via society6 | Candy jars via weheartit

Puffy friends via kawaiiBox | Hair pins via mobile9 | Washi tape via society6 | cuties via duitang

Pastel sharks via we heart it | Milk in a box via society6  | Cute troll dolls, source unknown

Hell yeah ribbon via tumblr | Unicorns via Ohmydior | Globes via tumblr | Cool hearts via tumblr

Keep calm and stay kawaii!!



Fall patterns

fall patterns 01_mbf

Red Foxes by pond ripple. Via spoonflower

I would like to start this new week with the feeling of fall! It’s been a while that I haven’t posted a pattern’s theme and I think this is the best for now. In Athens the weather prepares us by all means for this change and I must admit that I like it. I look forward for the trees to become yellow and orange, I love it when it happens! Especially in the country the view is just magnificent. The light of the sun is already milder and now is also the time to organize a small trip, I’m already having plans!

However my favorite change is staying at home at nights! I already dream about it with fluffy slippers, the fireplace, a hot drink or a pizza and a movie playing! Also autumn is the season for chestnuts, pomegranates and other yummy fruits! So, as you can see for the fall theme I got inspired mostly by orange and brown animals who live in the forests, leaves and fruits. Get in the mood for fall!

fall patterns 02_mbf

Pinecones by Sophie Brabbins

fall patterns 03_mbf

Hipster Bear pattern via weheartit

fall patterns 07_mbf

Autumn leaves by Caroline Bourles, via My textile design

fall patterns 06_mbf

Rain of hedgehogs! The only information I find for this is a name Block Magnaye…unfortunately I can’t find the source

fall patterns 08_mbf

Cats with sweaters! What’s more suitable for fall, the cat that starts to return inside, the sweaters that we start to wear and a combination of them! Via society6

fall patterns 09_mbf

Cute foxes by natitys, via spoonflower

fall patterns 10_mbf

Pencil savings. Because school is also one of main characteristic of fall… via jacqueline colley

Pear pattern by My textile design

Pear pattern by My textile design

fall patterns 12_mbf

Nourishment theme by JongMee. I really like the colors here and how fall can be pop too!

Apple pattern via society6

Apple pattern via society6

fall patterns 14_mbf

Pomegranate with flowers. One of autumn delicacies! via society6

Want more of fall themed patterns?? See here the new post!

Harbour patterns

boat and fish

1. sailing boats, source unknown 2. Handpainted goldfish in “Waves”

These days in Greece the most common discussion topic is “where are you going for vacations?” Is now the time that if you haven’t already booked a hotel, boat etc you are in the searching process. The truth is that most of us we choose an island to spend our holiday time, the sea is always more attractive! So, as I was searching a summer topic for new patterns on the blog I thought of the classic greek harbour, what can anyone see there! On patterns! And what are these? Boats, fish of course, cats begging to eat them, sailors, waves, seagulls, lobsters (as a tavern enticement) and other marine creatures…I really enjoyed this pattern collection I must say…let’s sail away!


1. grey boats 2. sailors 3. nautic theme 4. waves-no source

Happy 1st of May!

May flowers1

Blue little flowers by Donald Sultan

Today is 1st day of May, the weather is beautiful in Athens, I’m ready to leave for a 3-days vacation, I will relax a little bit after a hard working week where I can’t feel my legs and I’m so so happy about all of these!!!!! I’m going to tick the 1st wish on my bucket list, the big project is about to finish (fingers crossed to go well) and I’m going for a small roadtrip that I so wanted the last months (i love driving on the countryside!).

Also, May is the month of flowers and especially today is such a fiest of them! That’s why I have 10 great floral patterns for you! I’m leaving while flowers are flying behind me…(ok you can mock me for my imagination!) Happy 1st of May everyone!

May flowers2

Desktop wallpaper by emily isabella. I love her wallpapers!

May flowers3

Pink flowers by Maggie Humphray

May flowers4

Tropical pink flowers by Schatzi Brown through society6

May flowers5

Floral pattern via designworklife

May flowers6

Summer patterns via teamconfetti

May flowers7

Grape pattern by the elephant room

May flowers9

B&W flowers by Arts Thread

May flowers10

anemones pattern – no source

See more floral patterns in spring mood HERE

Flower patterns for Spring

Second day of March and Spring just started! Nature will start to bloom and our mood will be lighter, that’s for sure! For welcoming Spring I gathered some flower patterns. And because I can’t wait they have a tropical flavor as you can see. Have a colorful week, month and Monday!

spring patterns_09

Pattern design based on a Tropical theme. This pattern is part of A Side Project pattern collection. By Louise Jones

spring patterns_08

Blue flowers. Source unknown

spring patterns_06

From the collection of Pattern Textiles

spring patterns_05

Large-Flowered Broom Repeat Print by Andrea Stark

spring patterns_04

Tropical flowers, via gardening


Hugs and kisses

Lovely hearts by MarianaRausch

Lovely hearts by MarianaRausch

Valentine’s day is close and I don’t know if you are prepared…I don’t even know if you celebrate that day. I don’t really! However, it’s a nice chance for some patterns full of love!! These patterns can be used as a wallpaper or a wrapping paper for a cute gift, more personalized if you add some words on it and a ribbon. So, celebrating or not your love on 14 of February hearts are always a nice scheme to display!

And for desert I put some kisses in the middle to make the post more spicy!

hearts patterns2_mbf

wrapper full of love by Arian Armstrong

hearts patterns4_mbf

art print “hearts” by Annie Moor through society6

hearts patterns5_mbf

hearty wallpaper by Sarah hearts.

hearts patterns6_mbf

art print “hearts” by Rob Barrett through society6

kisses pattern1_mbf

the first kisses! Lips pattern by The SellOut through society6

kisses pattern2_mbf

Kisses all over. via blackandbowss source t-ygress