Weekend time while Fall still lasts

fallen leaves_mbf

Because you know…winter is coming and stuff! In Athens we were lucky this weekend to have a nice weather to enjoy it but it won’t last for long! Yesterday that I went out I realized that maybe it’s time for heavy coats and fluffy scarfs already! And I’m gonna prepare a nice post for you about a very autumnal excursion I’ve had in mountain Greece last month, so I’m trying to get in the mood! (This photo is from there 😉 )
Lately, I’m having a very cultural time with jazz concerts, modern dancing performances, cinema, architecture exhibitions etc. all of them with nice company and I’m really enjoying it! I think Autumn is perfect for such night outs, let’s have the most of it!!

Do you have plans for this Sunday? I wish you a great time! xxx

Rainy weekend

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 presetHello there again! I woke up this Saturday with a bunch of thoughts at my head swirling around…today is the day that I have to make plans, organize myself and next week’s work, tidy up my home-because you can’t work in a chaos, and then maybe tidy up my head and in general DO stuff!! It’s gonna be a really hard week and I should be prepared and ready, don’t you think?
And as all these must happen it’s been a while that is raining cats&dogs here! The sky is dark, you feel like the night has come already and all I want is spend the whole day in bed, under blankets watching TV series!

I imagine myself being a (cute) snail as I recede into my ‘house’ and prepare myself for next days! I would be a weird snail though doing that when it rains, I know…

Have a nice and relaxing weekend y’all!


source image via Find your own adventure

Summer weekend!

ntouz summer2

Here I am again! I make some appearances now and then just not to forget me! Always – always! when I don’t show up in the blog it means I’m working without mercy. The last month was one of these periods, I participated at 2 big projects at the same time. With deadlines the past week, so much pressure, agony if we’re gonna make it, condensed creativity and decisions! Very intense as every time, but as everything went well eventually I’m  very satisfied and happy now that’s gone! And of course ready for real life again!!

This weekend was the first after this whole time that I could rest! Ohh…such a pleasure!!! I took care of my plants, I went out for walks by the sea, night and day, ate seafood, drank wine and ouzo, ate ice cream, I was hit by the sun so that I grumble about it and started having summer thoughts! This was the best one. I already make plans for quick excursions and imagine myself lying on the beach pebbles aaaaaaall day…

However, after this daydreaming post I will have to get back to work again, because work never ends lately…(steep landing!) but I have hope now, everything is under control! I say to myself… 🙂

Let’s have a cool shower to cope with the heat and continue our day!

Have a nice Sunday, you all! xoxo

Summer weekend’s thought


Good morning there! Despite the working mode of this weekend I have a very summery mood, especially in the morning, when the sun is shinning but the world hasn’t been waken up yet. This quite moments are my favorite during the day, very peaceful! Although the summer vacations are very very away for me I already imagine myself taking my breakfast in such an environment like the above, an open air patio with a sea view. Just paradise..! I love everything in this photo, the simplicity, the greatness of nature, the serenity, the chair and the large cushion on the rocks!

So, for me this weekend is full of work, because the next month will be very exhausting as I realize. This should be pointed out on kids choosing architecture! “My kid, you know..you won’t have a peaceful summer never again!” “You must forget the nice tan you used to have on summer!” It’s a fact that the most of the projects happen during summer, so unfair! At least today I’m going to work from home, quietly I hope.
If I manage to close my ears on this super cute tiny kitten that begs me to adopt under my balcony!! Real torture!!!
Have a nice Sunday to all of you!! xoxo

Photo source: The style files

Weekend & come back!

flowers weekend

Hello hello!!! I’m here again and trying to take advantage of that opportunity and write something! Almost one month ago, while I was cool and calm, with normal work to do – I even had started to feel insecure about future projects(and income of course…) a huge&urgent project came along! And as a result, as I always do, I fell in that deep whole of creativity and passion of completing the project and accomplishing all the tasks…for 2 weeks I was in a parallel universe, giving the 200% of myself, forgetting all the rest of the life! Of course I was dead after that, not just tired…I managed to do 1 month’s work in 2 weeks, but thankfully it was very satisfying, everything went well and I was quite proud after all 🙂

So this is the first weekend I have free time, the weather is hmm..nice and I’m planning walks with friends, I’m just thrilled!! Of course, architecture couldn’t miss from my weekend, as a small arch festival is happening in Athens by friends this weekend, and I’ll join but it will be fun!

What are your plans for the weekend?
I hope you’ll have fun anyway!

PS. As I was writing these my phone rang and an arch chore came up but it’s gonna be short and I’ll try to keep the spirit as before..!

Photo source via Style at home | Photography by Edward Pond


Hello there!! Weekend again and the living is easy…and my mood is exactly like the photo above! I wanna snuggle inside pink fluffy pillows and stay the whole weekend! Sleep, rest and feel that warmth of being home. And for an ideal situation I’d like Lara (my cat) purring next to me!
I don’t think I’ll do that anyway because I have stuff to do but it’s the first weekend after quite a time that I don’t have to go to the office and work, so I’m cool! What are your plans for the weekend? I hope you’ll have a great time in any case! xoxo

Weekend again

chair sea

Bertoia chair via Interior design hunter

Hello again!! It’s been a while that I haven’t posted anything, I know, but I never forgot the blog that’s for sure! I had a very very difficult month, with a combination of deep sadness and hard working. It hasn’t finished yet but I’m trying to recover and keep my blue flamingo alive..! The next days won’t be easy as well and I probably won’t post regularly but I want you to know that I will be here.

So, how are things for you? We never said goodbye to summer in the blog and at least in Athens we’re feeling the first chills already. Thankfully today is a nice day-I’m working but that’s not something new…This photo with the bertoia chair looking the sea, like someone is missing from the scenery, sunny and optimistic but with a touch of nostalgia and reminiscence is exactly how I feel.
Have a nice weekend let’s have a smooth autumn and I hope to be here again soon!

Summer Weekend

summertimeHello! This weekend feels so summery in Athens, memories from last last years are awaken, when we were younger and didn’t have jobs, worries etc. When we had so much time for vacation and we were spending a whole month on a place with our summer friends, all day at the beach, midday siestas, afternoon ice-creams and sleepless nights! Oh my…what a nostalgia!

The truth is we are in the heart of summer, my holidays are coming and I had the craziest working week!!! I had some weeks that I was almost just resting, suddenly 2 projects had to be done in 2 days each! And big ones…There’s no need to tell you what happened…no sleep for the whole week and I was working like I’d been on drugs! Like the cat that is sleeping and some noise frightens her and she runs like crazy, that was my situation! And now resting again!

I wish you the best rest of the weekend, enjoy your Sunday and of course in vintage summer mood!

Photo by Collin Erie


Good morning there! How do you feel this summer weekend? I must say I’m in a holiday mood without being on holidays! This is what happens to you if you have no work to do for some days, you live in Greece and it’s summer I suppose… At the same time I’m so disappointed by what happens in my country lately that I have an escaping tendency. So, what more suitable than a road trip or a short trip in general! I like some photographs from trains, I think it feels very adventurous, even though I don’t like traveling by train so much, that’s why I chose this picture for this weekend. Some sense of freedom is needed!
I’ll try to go on a distant and magical beach this weekend, I seriously need some tanning also! What are your plans?

As the theme for this weekend is Roadtrip I have for you some links from the past:
Let’s go for a roadtrip and
Motel vintage signs
Even though you won’t go anywhere some mind traveling never hurt anyone!

And for the crafty ones I have a DIY project to display your holiday photos: Super summery and juicy Fruit Magnets for your fridge! Have a nice weekend!!!

fruit magnets diy

DIY project by Homey oh my!


Today’s post for weekend is a little late and is time for lunch here! The whole country is in turmoil these days because of the referendum tomorrow and that’s why I don’t feel like talking about anything of design and stuff (neither of DIYing, I’m sorry for that, it’s not gonna last long!) all of that time. It’s the main topic at every conversation everywhere! Of course it would… I’m so anxious about the results as you can imagine. This weekend as at every elections in Greece it’s common for the families to gather, eat all together and talk about political stuff, occasionaly fight! That’s why today’s photo of weekend post is about a summer dinner/lunch table, that I could eat all of it right now!!!

Shot by Jamie Beck of Ann Street Studio, via Aristocrator