Weekend again

chair sea

Bertoia chair via Interior design hunter

Hello again!! It’s been a while that I haven’t posted anything, I know, but I never forgot the blog that’s for sure! I had a very very difficult month, with a combination of deep sadness and hard working. It hasn’t finished yet but I’m trying to recover and keep my blue flamingo alive..! The next days won’t be easy as well and I probably won’t post regularly but I want you to know that I will be here.

So, how are things for you? We never said goodbye to summer in the blog and at least in Athens we’re feeling the first chills already. Thankfully today is a nice day-I’m working but that’s not something new…This photo with the bertoia chair looking the sea, like someone is missing from the scenery, sunny and optimistic but with a touch of nostalgia and reminiscence is exactly how I feel.
Have a nice weekend let’s have a smooth autumn and I hope to be here again soon!