Vintage Christmas ornaments

vintage christmasDoes these christmas trees speak to you? For me is a total flash back to my childhood!! The truth is that we didn’t have all these delicate ornaments but colorful, shinny balls made of glass were a must! And I remember that these balls were easy to break into many pieces…that’s why they were easy replaced with plastic I suppose.

I’m so happy just by seeing the pictures. So nostalgic! I would love to decorate my home with all of these even if it wasn’t Christmas! Shinny, multicolored, flirting with kitsch just a bit, precious and startling ornaments for your Christmas tree or not only! You can put them in a jar or platter, or hang them through a garland and decorate a wall. It will make your home so festive!!

vintage christmas orn2ertsvintage christmas orn

Christmas patterns

Xmas pattern1

No source-image from my archive

As patterns are a favorite theme in this blog my blue flamingo couldn’t leave out the christmas spirit! Repeating santas, snowmans, trees and ornaments are here to get us in the mood for holidays! Enjoy and…ho ho ho!

Xmas pattern9

by Gail Veillette



10 Alternative trees for Christmas

Looking for alternative ways of decorating the christmas tree this year? Are you fed up with the same and same christmas trees every year? You want something more minimal or indirect, even only implying a tree on a wall? Here I gathered my favorite examples of doing so. Some of them are more festive, some more quiet. Most of them are on walls, so you gain some space in the house, if you don’t have plenty. And also, it makes the perfect holiday photo backgroung!

Which one do you prefer?

1.  Print on the wall with garland
Print a photo of a tree you like and tape it on the wall. Then tape a colorful garland in front of it. Add some presents on a table below the tree. Beautiful isn’t it?
See it here
1. Alternative xmas tree_mbf2. Tree of photos
Print some photos of your choice, irrelevant of Christmas spirit, preferably on the same color palette. Washi tape them on the wall. Add some flare with a red flower below. Very discrit and chic!
See it here
2. Alternative xmas tree_mbf3. Painted on a carton
Alternatively you can cover the whole wall with a carton paper and paint the tree on it! You can fix with glue or washi tape a garland, balls, string lights and whatever you think!
See it here
3. Alternative xmas tree_mbf4. Pegged tree with colored cords
A quite funky alternative, don’t you think? It’s very nice idea if there are kids in the house. Cards and ornaments can be added we get closer to holidays. The best of this project is that you don’t ruin your wall, special fixxings are used, see it on the link below.
See it here
4. Alternative xmas tree_mbf

5. Large print on hanging cloth
Instead of No1 you can print a vivid tree picture on a large cloth and hang it on the wall. On the cloth you can pin any ornaments you want! And above it, you know…the presents!
See it here
5. Alternative xmas tree_mbf6. Tissue paper tree
Again very nice project to make it with kids. You can make also your own garland and decorate it as you please. A whole decoration day, remember to listen to christmas songs as you make it. It’s very easy though and I love the texture that it has, I would touch it all the time!
See it here
6. Alternative xmas tree_mbf7. Christmas tree of branches
More realistic and classic than the others, it has the volume of a real tree but it is monochromatic, and if you keep it in natural colors as in the example it looks very earthy. Like the snow on winter trees.
See it here
7. Alternative xmas tree_mbf8. Only by a garland
Could it be more simple? Yes, with a monochromatic garland, but here is for a kids room, so we need some color. I love the simplicity of this tree and the clear message. Nothing more to show to be a christmas tree. The small rug below and the bunny completes the cute atmosphere!
See it here
8. Alternative xmas tree_mbf9. Branches on the wall
Again single branches but this time nailed on the wall. String lights and ornaments complete the picture. Cozy, christmas spirit and simplicity all together.
See it here
9. Alternative xmas tree_mbf10. The funny christmas tree
What if instead of the classic tree you decorate a cactus! As a kitsch lover in small doses I could totally do this in my home, it could be the coolest christmas tree!
See it here
10. Alternative xmas tree_mbf