Weekend time while Fall still lasts

fallen leaves_mbf

Because you know…winter is coming and stuff! In Athens we were lucky this weekend to have a nice weather to enjoy it but it won’t last for long! Yesterday that I went out I realized that maybe it’s time for heavy coats and fluffy scarfs already! And I’m gonna prepare a nice post for you about a very autumnal excursion I’ve had in mountain Greece last month, so I’m trying to get in the mood! (This photo is from there 😉 )
Lately, I’m having a very cultural time with jazz concerts, modern dancing performances, cinema, architecture exhibitions etc. all of them with nice company and I’m really enjoying it! I think Autumn is perfect for such night outs, let’s have the most of it!!

Do you have plans for this Sunday? I wish you a great time! xxx

Fall patterns, again!


Molly from the movie ‘The Breakfast Club’ – Beginning of school and discipline, in the right colors! By JTO JTO

Seeing that last year’s post about Fall patterns is one of your favorite, I prepared another one these days to feed our (because it’s mine too!) desire for seasonal patterns to put us in the mood for Autumn!
Funny thing that when I was younger I didn’t like this season at all! I imagine because of the beginning of school and the end of summer carelessness etc etc. On the contrary, as I grow up I am so ready for all the changes of this transition that I even can’t wait for them! I’m so eager for cozy nights and weekends, the new face of nature all around us, excursions to the woods, warmer palettes of colors, cozier outfits and homey feeling!

Happy Sunday guys, let’s enjoy Fall!!

Nature and foxy themed in earthy tones! Orange foxes – I don’t know why but this animal is stuck in my mind as a fall’s element, falling leaves, new pinecones – the last one was such a hit! – and of course pumkins!
1. foxes by Leticia 2. falling leaves by Jess Smart Smiley  3. pinecones by Georgiana Paraschiv 4. pumkins by Lindsey Elise Design

Sweeter tones with some blush pink and pomegranates! And of course-again foxes, cooler this time.
1. flowers via pinterest 2. blue foxes by Ooli, via Sorryzorrito 3. Pomegranates by Better Home

Closing this patterns’ party with my favorites, mostly for the feeling they create. Swallows for the migratory birds of this season, school/office stuff with pencils and erasers – it’s the time to concentrate again and do the real business, the first hot coffees of the year…knitting of course 🙂 beside the fire even better, with a purring cat at your lap (my favorite!!) and then as we have the rains what’s more suitable from rubber wellies!
1. swallows by Bridiy  2. office supplies by Emma Trithart  3. Knitting via pinterest  4. Chemex Coffee Culture Pattern by Sara Combs  5. pink cats by Angie Garland  6. rain boots by Cassie Kulp

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Fall patterns

fall patterns 01_mbf

Red Foxes by pond ripple. Via spoonflower

I would like to start this new week with the feeling of fall! It’s been a while that I haven’t posted a pattern’s theme and I think this is the best for now. In Athens the weather prepares us by all means for this change and I must admit that I like it. I look forward for the trees to become yellow and orange, I love it when it happens! Especially in the country the view is just magnificent. The light of the sun is already milder and now is also the time to organize a small trip, I’m already having plans!

However my favorite change is staying at home at nights! I already dream about it with fluffy slippers, the fireplace, a hot drink or a pizza and a movie playing! Also autumn is the season for chestnuts, pomegranates and other yummy fruits! So, as you can see for the fall theme I got inspired mostly by orange and brown animals who live in the forests, leaves and fruits. Get in the mood for fall!

fall patterns 02_mbf

Pinecones by Sophie Brabbins

fall patterns 03_mbf

Hipster Bear pattern via weheartit

fall patterns 07_mbf

Autumn leaves by Caroline Bourles, via My textile design

fall patterns 06_mbf

Rain of hedgehogs! The only information I find for this is a name Block Magnaye…unfortunately I can’t find the source

fall patterns 08_mbf

Cats with sweaters! What’s more suitable for fall, the cat that starts to return inside, the sweaters that we start to wear and a combination of them! Via society6

fall patterns 09_mbf

Cute foxes by natitys, via spoonflower

fall patterns 10_mbf

Pencil savings. Because school is also one of main characteristic of fall… via jacqueline colley

Pear pattern by My textile design

Pear pattern by My textile design

fall patterns 12_mbf

Nourishment theme by JongMee. I really like the colors here and how fall can be pop too!

Apple pattern via society6

Apple pattern via society6

fall patterns 14_mbf

Pomegranate with flowers. One of autumn delicacies! via society6

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