Weekend & come back!

flowers weekend

Hello hello!!! I’m here again and trying to take advantage of that opportunity and write something! Almost one month ago, while I was cool and calm, with normal work to do – I even had started to feel insecure about future projects(and income of course…) a huge&urgent project came along! And as a result, as I always do, I fell in that deep whole of creativity and passion of completing the project and accomplishing all the tasks…for 2 weeks I was in a parallel universe, giving the 200% of myself, forgetting all the rest of the life! Of course I was dead after that, not just tired…I managed to do 1 month’s work in 2 weeks, but thankfully it was very satisfying, everything went well and I was quite proud after all 🙂

So this is the first weekend I have free time, the weather is hmm..nice and I’m planning walks with friends, I’m just thrilled!! Of course, architecture couldn’t miss from my weekend, as a small arch festival is happening in Athens by friends this weekend, and I’ll join but it will be fun!

What are your plans for the weekend?
I hope you’ll have fun anyway!

PS. As I was writing these my phone rang and an arch chore came up but it’s gonna be short and I’ll try to keep the spirit as before..!

Photo source via Style at home | Photography by Edward Pond

Happy 1st of May!

May flowers1

Blue little flowers by Donald Sultan

Today is 1st day of May, the weather is beautiful in Athens, I’m ready to leave for a 3-days vacation, I will relax a little bit after a hard working week where I can’t feel my legs and I’m so so happy about all of these!!!!! I’m going to tick the 1st wish on my bucket list, the big project is about to finish (fingers crossed to go well) and I’m going for a small roadtrip that I so wanted the last months (i love driving on the countryside!).

Also, May is the month of flowers and especially today is such a fiest of them! That’s why I have 10 great floral patterns for you! I’m leaving while flowers are flying behind me…(ok you can mock me for my imagination!) Happy 1st of May everyone!

May flowers2

Desktop wallpaper by emily isabella. I love her wallpapers!

May flowers3

Pink flowers by Maggie Humphray

May flowers4

Tropical pink flowers by Schatzi Brown through society6

May flowers5

Floral pattern via designworklife

May flowers6

Summer patterns via teamconfetti

May flowers7

Grape pattern by the elephant room

May flowers9

B&W flowers by Arts Thread

May flowers10

anemones pattern – no source

See more floral patterns in spring mood HERE


flowersGoodmorning people! I woke up really early today – again – because I have a lot of work waiting..it’s gonna be a long day today but it’s spring and I don’t care! (ok that’s a lie!) The project I’m working on is about to finish so there is a lot of pressure in the air and satisfaction at the same time.
I heard that today in Athens is going to be almost summer but for now I don’t even see the sun..so some flowers for this morning to wish you a beautiful weekend! xoxo

Happy Easter!

easter lilacsLilac is one of my favorite flowers. It brings me a lot of loving, nostalgic memories from my childhood, as there was a lilac bush in our backyard where I grew up. Every year on spring, and especially on easter time it used to bloom and I remember myself staring at it and feeling so charmed by these beautiful, purple, tiny flowers! It was the sign for me that spring and thus fun time outside had started, so you can imagine my happiness! That’s why this year I chose this dearest flower to wish you a happy easter, full of love and relaxation!xoxo

PS. In Greece this time we have the worst weather for easter, cold and even snow!! However, I have a small vacation time and nothing can ruin this!!


flowersYesterday it was the first day of spring officially and here in Athens we had great days! Sun all day long and spring mood everywhere! I was sick for a while but now I’m ready for enjoying my Sunday. Happy rest of the weekend to all of you, I hope you have great time!! Bring Spring in your home with some flowers this weekend!

Flower patterns for Spring

Second day of March and Spring just started! Nature will start to bloom and our mood will be lighter, that’s for sure! For welcoming Spring I gathered some flower patterns. And because I can’t wait they have a tropical flavor as you can see. Have a colorful week, month and Monday!

spring patterns_09

Pattern design based on a Tropical theme. This pattern is part of A Side Project pattern collection. By Louise Jones

spring patterns_08

Blue flowers. Source unknown

spring patterns_06

From the collection of Pattern Textiles

spring patterns_05

Large-Flowered Broom Repeat Print by Andrea Stark

spring patterns_04

Tropical flowers, via gardening