Kimolos – Part 3

Goupa central_mbfEven though these days in Greece we haven’t the most summery weather I will stick to my wish to keep the Kimolos posts united for two reasons. At first, anybody can see the beauty of this island and have a better idea of how my trip was like from these posts in a row. You see something here, tadaaa there is something more in the next post! 😉 Or something like that!
The most important reason is this: These days I have a difficult time to find time!! And as I’m working a lot I’m again in a mood “oooh I need vacations so much!!!” While we were at Kimolos, the first days we had a difficulty with the weather and hadn’t seen all the beauty of the island, I was in a similar situation after a hard working week so I was like struggling to relax. And then we went to this amazing little bay, called Goupa, and something like a “crack” happened inside me and started connecting with the place! It was like magic! That’s why I’m posting this today, to remember that feeling again and share it with you.

Blue gradient in the sea

Blue gradient in the seaGoupa 4_mbf

Goupa is a small bay where a lot of fishermen have their homes and their “boat garages”…These garages created a beautiful scenic with pops of colors in the rocks! In combination with the sea and the forms that some rocks have it’s the perfect scenic! I think it’s not necessary to mention the feeling of swimming in these waters….it was like a natural pool! Just amazing!! I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves.

Goupa 2_mbf Goupa 3_mbf

Can you find the elephants on the rocks?

Can you find the elephants on the rocks?

Before going there we were told that an elephant is formed in the rocks, you have to see it! But as we were looking we found another elephant as well! The one of them is less famous than the other but impressive as well! Click on the photo to see it in larger size.

Goupa 6_mbf

Stalking geese

Stalking geeseGoupa 8_mbf

Goupa 9_mbf

Stalking everybody!

And yes, I have more!!! I will continue with another paradise in Kimolos, bigger this one. It’s about an island very close, Polyaigos. There you have jaws droppings’s so amazing you almost don’t believe it!

polyaigos 1Polyaigos has only one resident and it’s just pure nature! You can go there by boat in a few minutes from the port of Kimolos and you visit 5,6 different beaches. Actually they aren’t all of them beaches, in the most beautiful stop you just dive near giant rocks. And because of the white rocks of the region (where chalk is mined, remember..) the water is the bluest!!! It’s exactly like Blue Lagoon…try to breathe as you see the pictures!

Polyaigos 2Polyaigos 3

I can't believe I swam there 10 days before, such a paradise!

I can’t believe I swam there 10 days αγο, such a paradise!

Polyaigos means a lot of goats :)

Polyaigos means a lot of goats 🙂

Polyaigos 6 Polyaigos 7 Polyaigos 8 Take me back there…!!!Polyaigos 10 Polyaigos 11PS. Please forgive me for the huge post, I couldn’t control myself…

Kimolos – Part 2

Kimolos dusk2_mbf

This time I have some photos from our afternoon/night strolls on the island that I forgot to upload them the other day… (shy)
These photos show better the atmosphere that the village had this time of day. So beautiful, calming, nostalgic and real.. Oh how I miss my days there!
Enjoy 🙂

View of the port at dusk. This boat reminds me my when I was little and used to go to our summer house with grandparents :) Nostalgic

View of the port at dusk. This boat reminds me when I was little and used to go to our summer house with grandparents 🙂 Nostalgic

Kimolos night view1_mbf

The main market of the village, semi-closed, makes a beautiful night scene lighting indirectlry the street

Imagine plus 15 little kids running and playing around!

Imagine plus 15 little kids running and playing around!

Kafeneio at night! We also ate amazing food there..yum!

Kafeneio at night! We also ate amazing food there..yum! One night I ordered a traditional (delicious) dish and 3 tables around me asked me (really impressed) what was this!


Kimolos – Part 1

"Kimolos, my paradise"

“My Kimolos, my paradise”

At last I found some time to write about my summer vacation in Kimolos island!! I’ve returned two days now and I feel like it was a hole in time. I had such a wonderful time I can’t describe it! I fully charged my batteries, if only I had more time. Though you can never have enough time I think, right? That’s what comforts me.

Kimolos welcome_mbf

Welcome in Kimolos

Kimolos is a small island in Cyclades offered for quiet holidays. So if you want to party all the time maybe you shouldn’t go…but for me it was perfect. I needed to relax and that’s what happened! I only wanted to be all day at the beach, then go eat somewhere 5 steps near that and then go for a drink/stroll other 5 steps from there!

Kimolos horio_mbfKimolos has a raw beauty sometimes because it’s like it’s been forgotten from the 21st century. You leave behind the hectic life for good. There is only one village-town, that is a characteristic of small islands in Cyclades. Normally cars aren’t allowed to get in the village and a lot of roads are just dirt roads. Unfortunately, that makes it difficult to go to the north side of the island where the wildest beaches are.
In the village you can find traditional cafes and restaurants where native people are hanging out near you. You can hear the stories they say to each other, where usually you’re trying not to laugh! There aren’t a lot of tourists in a massive way. So you can really relax and let yourself free, connect to the environment and the people. I love that when it happens.

Kimolos kafeneio_mbf

“Kafenia” the traditional cafes

Kimolos horio_mbf

Kimolos streetlaundry_mbf

Laundry on the street

Kimolos cat-fish_mbf

Kimolos donkey_mbf An example of the dirt, rocky roads – Except church bells that were ringing all the time we had donkey brayings and rooster crowings as well!

Also, there are a lot (a lot!!) of churches that are ringing every half an hour to remind the time!! At first I was terrified that I would never sleep but eventually I had no problem! Instead I found it quite funny. Even in 4am for example the bell rings four times, crazy!

Kimolos church_mbf

One of the many churches of Kimolos. 17th century

The beaches are just dreamy! Deep blue see and white sand, nothing more to say…Chalk is mined in Kimolos, that’s why the rocks and sand are almost white. Besides, that’s where it had its name, “kimolia” in greek means chalk. We also went during an off-season period so the beaches were almost private! In another part of Kimolos dedicaded posts I will show you some places that we swam and I still can’t believe it. Blue lagoon without exaggeration!

Another cute characteristic was that all the paved streets were painted by locals or kids (i suppose…) where they also write how much they love their island. “My Kimolos, my paradise” is like a moto there.. And in some entrances on the traditional town you are welcome by words on the street, like the 2nd picture of the post. Such a warm welcome 🙂

kimolos navy_mbf

Navy style!

PS. If you click on the photos you can see them in large size!