Mid century shopping list

Do you remember the mid-century crisis I have recently? It’s in this post and this post for those who need a reminder. So, I made 2 moodboards-shopping lists for you! One for the austere, elegant style and one for the happy, colored one. Chose your favorite and adapt it to your home!

austere list

1. Drommen bed from CB2 (850,05€) | 2. 3pieces vase set from CB2 (16,98€) | 3. Tork brass dripping mirror from CB2 (194,86€) | 4. Austin floor lamp from MADE (79£) | 5. Max brass sculpture from CB2 (42,50€) | 6. Zemi stool from CB2 (101,26€) | 7. Elixir mini bar from CB2 (254,42€) | 8. Cut glass bulb from CB2 (6,76€) | 9. Adelle rug black from FAB (599$) | 10. Fringe with benefits throw from CB2 (101,26€)

midcentury color1. Art print from society6 (17,00$) | 2. Judy throw (99,00$) | 3. Cohen table lamp from MADE (55£) | 4. Esme desk from MADE (279£) | 5. Fetch lamp from FAB (49,50$) | 6. Jonah sofa from MADE (499£) | 7. Fonteyn bedside table from MADE (199£) | 8. Seafoam vase from CB2 (14,42€) | 9. Dakota rug from MADE (249£)

Mid century style – colored version

After the austere version of mid-century style in design that I posted recently, I gathered some examples of colored ones! These spaces are of course more funny and maybe more pleasant for many people. They make the old style seem so fresh and modern that you wonder how you hated these furniture some years ago! Personally, I adore mid-century style! I find it super classy and stylish. See for yourselves and tell me what you think!
Especially with this lighting below, I fell in deep love…

Emerald obsession by Twig Hutchinson

Emerald obsession by Twig Hutchinson

Bec Britain via artnau

Bec Britain via artnau

CC Tapis via artnau

CC Tapis via artnau

House at Sao Paolo, via Miluccia

House at Sao Paolo, via Miluccia

If you want some more of it…See HERE a restaurant that in Sofia that recently opened and I was one of its architects and I’m very proud of!! The realisation of mid-century “fun” style!!

Midcentury style – the austere version

Lately I am very very attracted to midcentury style in architecture and design. It is after Mad Men that I watched and loved that I was influenced? Or it’s just fashion that hit me with its arrow..I don’t know…All I know is that this style is a current trend in my field and I love it!
So, after hexagon post I will show you some examples that I collected when I was working in a project of 60’s style last months(I was that lucky!). This post is more about austere version of midcentury style, I have a more funny version for another post, stay tuned!

So, What’s your opinion about midcentury style, is it just me that I like it?

01 Midcentury style_my blue flamingo

Vandaag restaurant, New York. It’s said that it is closed now

03 Midcentury style_my blue flamingo

Rockett St. George, UK based online boutique

02 Midcentury style_my blue flamingo

Source unknown

Chairs in 60's style with tapestry in the same pattern.

Chairs in 60’s style. Not my favorite but Orla Kiely is a totally 60’s style designer, check it out here