Summer holidays at North Euboea


Panorama shot of my favorite beach

At last I found some time to write a post about a part of my summer vacations! It’s fall already but everyone enjoys some summer spirit even if summer has gone, right?
So, here I present you my time at north Euboea during August! We went by car, passing through Euboea which was magical if you are a strong driver! The first day of our trip was not so summery because the weather was just the opposite! Rain and cold but on the top of the mountain we stopped for a hot cheese-bread that calmed us for ever!! Then as you can see on the photos above we made a stop somewhere to rest and we found out a small river there! It was just after the rain and the scenery was beautiful!


When we arrived at G’s village we were welcomed by his grandmother and the cats! We ate some figs with cheese and the proper summer had just started!!
We stayed for a few days only but we had a great time. Swimming all day at paradise beaches, eating like kings, playing with the dapper cats that required quite patience I must say and relaxing a lot……


This cutie was so low-voiced that was like been in silent mode

As you can see the beaches there are superb!! Just like I want them: quiet and calm, less people the best, with pebbles, clear blue waters and fishes to explore on the inside! One day the sea had a lot of jellyfishes (not harmful though) that scared me but G and I made a silly song about them so we had fun eventually!

summer_euboia_mbf_12Some of our equipment! The floating sea-animals (or sea-vehicles) weren’t ours unfortunately. And some of what we were seeing while lying down.

As we were staying all day at the beach we were present during the sunset. Which was magical. I loved the serenity of that time on that beach!


I must say that I’d taken my new camera for the first time so I tried a lot (!) of sunset shots!! It was hard of choosing just some of them!



Returning from the beach that day as the sky was magnificent-obviously-we saw an owl that stopped just in front of our car!! I was so excited!!!

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Long weekend in North Euboea

Euvoia001Last weekend of February I went for a small trip, as I told you. After a long time I was only working I spent 3 days in the country and it was very rejuvenating! Of course now it’s like it never happenned, I certainely need another one!

In Greece 40 days before Easter we celebrate one Monday as the start of the fasting. As so, we had a large weekend of 3days! Hooray! So, I took the opportunity and spent some days in a small village in north Euboea. It’s a big island close to mainland, where the mountain and the sea are blending together creating a beautiful scenery! Unfortunately, I didn’t had the mind to take a lot of photos and show you what I’m talking about. I chose my best ones for the blog.Euvoia 02_mbfEuvoia 03_mbfEuvoia 04_mbfThe only negative was the weather as it was dull and it was raining almost all the time. I think this is the real reason for not taking a lot of photos. But I rested a lot, “eat-drink-sleep” the main action and I charged my batteries as needed.

Euvoia 07_mbf

These lovely cats were all day out of our door and wait for a treat! Wild enough to not let me caddle them but loyal to the family, true guards! Here they are like fluffy slippers!!

Euvoia 06_mbf

On the countryard of the house. Traditional corners with the basics for the needs of the house.

Euvoia 05_mbf

Another view of the countryard of the house

Euvoia 08_mbf

Chickens welcoming us on the village! – Me, helping at the bakery store prepare the traditional bread!

The other characteristic of this long weekend was the traditional feast of that Monday! We use to eat a lot of seafood this day and as I were in a fishermen village we had a lot of treasures! I ate for the first time sea urchins and other delicacies that I don’t know the names in English as I may learned them in local dialect. I am so frustrated that I didn’t depict that table and the urchins on the skep just after they had been caught! I had all my mind on eating them I suppose… However, you can still have an idea of how these days passed and feel the atmosphere!

Fishermen boats at the seaport - Tiny mussels on the sand!!!

Fishermen boats at the seaport – Tiny mussels on the sand!!!

Euvoia 10_mbf Euvoia 11_mbf Euvoia 09_mbf