Harbour patterns

boat and fish

1. sailing boats, source unknown 2. Handpainted goldfish in “Waves”

These days in Greece the most common discussion topic is “where are you going for vacations?” Is now the time that if you haven’t already booked a hotel, boat etc you are in the searching process. The truth is that most of us we choose an island to spend our holiday time, the sea is always more attractive! So, as I was searching a summer topic for new patterns on the blog I thought of the classic greek harbour, what can anyone see there! On patterns! And what are these? Boats, fish of course, cats begging to eat them, sailors, waves, seagulls, lobsters (as a tavern enticement) and other marine creatures…I really enjoyed this pattern collection I must say…let’s sail away!


1. grey boats 2. sailors 3. nautic theme 4. waves-no source