Folegandros | The Sea


A tiny beach next to Agali, beautiful to look from above

As the temperature in Athens is still hot -despite the first days of October- I take the opportunity to post about my main summer vacations! And get some of the vibes that are so precious!!
The first days of September we went at the small&distant yet magical island of Cyclades, Folegandros! I’ll make 2 parts of it because there is such beauty that I simply can’t limit the photos. At this part we’ll have our jaws dropped by the clearest and tempting waters of the island! If I should distinguish one thing from Folegandros would definitely be the beaches. At least for my taste that I love pebbled beaches, blue and deep waters and calm and isolated-if nudist even better, this was a paradise. You should know though that you’ll have to get supplies with you definitely and an umbrella because usually there is nothing there.

However, we were unlucky with the weather. It was SO windy these days that couldn’t go at any beach whenever we wanted. And because of the cold wind I felt really chilly sometimes! Brrr… I’m not famous for my tolerance to cool water anyway!
So, to get an idea of what Folegandros was for us the first days you can take a look at the following pictures and see: The wild situation of the see! The dry and rocky land that dominates (with some goats here and there) and the Karavostasis where the port is. When we say port though don’t think of what you’re used to, check it out to understand!

One of the most accessible and easy beach was Agali, in the middle of the island. Its name means “hug” as the land subsides like one so that the weather isn’t such a problem. However because of that there is always crowd which I don’t love…It was very nice in general but I liked more to look at it from above!


As I told you all these days the wind was pitiless! After asking some local people we started exploring some more “secret” beaches that you had to walk through pathways. The first day we attempt exploring  Fira beach which is 10′ from Agali. Along the way we were very surprised sometimes by what people consider “pathway”!!! After all, we took the right way every time but I think it was only a matter of luck! I was of course fearless….
Besides the view from there was magnificent, so I was only impatient to reach the beach. And we were very well paid off as you can see!


Happy swimmer

To find a quiet beach, with rough beauty, after all the wind and crowd was such a delight! All the beaches from that day on were amazing. I was swimming for hours, sunbathing after the cool water to get the right temperature, reading my book (‘The woodpecker’ by Tom Robins which I finished there and totally loved it!!) wearing my mask and seeing SO many fishes underwater that I enjoyed it a lot!!!! Also, as you’ll notice, I was very proud of my pedicure 😉

Some other beautiful beaches were St. Nicolas, Galyfos and Livadaki, on the south part of the island. Again by foot or by boat. Quite small all of them if you are used to large, endless beaches and I imagine if someone visits the island on high season they can be very very crowded.

On the following picture we can see some old guys trying to pull a boat out of the water with no good results…As I was waiting for G. to help them I was taking photos…

The best beach in my opinion was Katergo! It was our favorite by far and thankfully the wind stopped for one whole day (wow) so that we could see it. I mean, magnificent…We didn’t want to leave that beach. A high cliff behind us, a large beach so that all the people can spread out and clear, refreshing waters for swimming for hours. Beautiful scenery.


Katergo beach – the best!!!

Another, rather quiet and small beach was Ambeli. Very rocky in general, wilder as an environment, but what I loved the most was the way until there. Not so the driving part-which was very atmospheric indeed- as the walking part till the beach. You have to pass through small paths under trees so that the beach is revealing itself at the end and you feel like you found a treasure!


Heading to Ambeli beach, seems like we’re gonna find a treasure!

It’s also nice to catch a sunset there or on your way back and stop at Ano Meria, a small village, to see the sunset and eat local delicacies as matchata pasta with rooster…yummy!! The best closing for a day at this beach!

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Summer holidays at North Euboea


Panorama shot of my favorite beach

At last I found some time to write a post about a part of my summer vacations! It’s fall already but everyone enjoys some summer spirit even if summer has gone, right?
So, here I present you my time at north Euboea during August! We went by car, passing through Euboea which was magical if you are a strong driver! The first day of our trip was not so summery because the weather was just the opposite! Rain and cold but on the top of the mountain we stopped for a hot cheese-bread that calmed us for ever!! Then as you can see on the photos above we made a stop somewhere to rest and we found out a small river there! It was just after the rain and the scenery was beautiful!


When we arrived at G’s village we were welcomed by his grandmother and the cats! We ate some figs with cheese and the proper summer had just started!!
We stayed for a few days only but we had a great time. Swimming all day at paradise beaches, eating like kings, playing with the dapper cats that required quite patience I must say and relaxing a lot……


This cutie was so low-voiced that was like been in silent mode

As you can see the beaches there are superb!! Just like I want them: quiet and calm, less people the best, with pebbles, clear blue waters and fishes to explore on the inside! One day the sea had a lot of jellyfishes (not harmful though) that scared me but G and I made a silly song about them so we had fun eventually!

summer_euboia_mbf_12Some of our equipment! The floating sea-animals (or sea-vehicles) weren’t ours unfortunately. And some of what we were seeing while lying down.

As we were staying all day at the beach we were present during the sunset. Which was magical. I loved the serenity of that time on that beach!


I must say that I’d taken my new camera for the first time so I tried a lot (!) of sunset shots!! It was hard of choosing just some of them!



Returning from the beach that day as the sky was magnificent-obviously-we saw an owl that stopped just in front of our car!! I was so excited!!!

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Kimolos – Part 3

Goupa central_mbfEven though these days in Greece we haven’t the most summery weather I will stick to my wish to keep the Kimolos posts united for two reasons. At first, anybody can see the beauty of this island and have a better idea of how my trip was like from these posts in a row. You see something here, tadaaa there is something more in the next post! 😉 Or something like that!
The most important reason is this: These days I have a difficult time to find time!! And as I’m working a lot I’m again in a mood “oooh I need vacations so much!!!” While we were at Kimolos, the first days we had a difficulty with the weather and hadn’t seen all the beauty of the island, I was in a similar situation after a hard working week so I was like struggling to relax. And then we went to this amazing little bay, called Goupa, and something like a “crack” happened inside me and started connecting with the place! It was like magic! That’s why I’m posting this today, to remember that feeling again and share it with you.

Blue gradient in the sea

Blue gradient in the seaGoupa 4_mbf

Goupa is a small bay where a lot of fishermen have their homes and their “boat garages”…These garages created a beautiful scenic with pops of colors in the rocks! In combination with the sea and the forms that some rocks have it’s the perfect scenic! I think it’s not necessary to mention the feeling of swimming in these waters….it was like a natural pool! Just amazing!! I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves.

Goupa 2_mbf Goupa 3_mbf

Can you find the elephants on the rocks?

Can you find the elephants on the rocks?

Before going there we were told that an elephant is formed in the rocks, you have to see it! But as we were looking we found another elephant as well! The one of them is less famous than the other but impressive as well! Click on the photo to see it in larger size.

Goupa 6_mbf

Stalking geese

Stalking geeseGoupa 8_mbf

Goupa 9_mbf

Stalking everybody!

And yes, I have more!!! I will continue with another paradise in Kimolos, bigger this one. It’s about an island very close, Polyaigos. There you have jaws droppings’s so amazing you almost don’t believe it!

polyaigos 1Polyaigos has only one resident and it’s just pure nature! You can go there by boat in a few minutes from the port of Kimolos and you visit 5,6 different beaches. Actually they aren’t all of them beaches, in the most beautiful stop you just dive near giant rocks. And because of the white rocks of the region (where chalk is mined, remember..) the water is the bluest!!! It’s exactly like Blue Lagoon…try to breathe as you see the pictures!

Polyaigos 2Polyaigos 3

I can't believe I swam there 10 days before, such a paradise!

I can’t believe I swam there 10 days αγο, such a paradise!

Polyaigos means a lot of goats :)

Polyaigos means a lot of goats 🙂

Polyaigos 6 Polyaigos 7 Polyaigos 8 Take me back there…!!!Polyaigos 10 Polyaigos 11PS. Please forgive me for the huge post, I couldn’t control myself…

Vacation time!

summer busyTime for summer vacation is finally here for me too!!! I can’t describe you how much I need this right now… From now on, this is what I’m going to do for the next days! Exactly like the photo above..this is my summer plan!!
For those who will leave also I wish you to have a great time, rest, have fun, get tanned and return with a lot of memories and the batteries fully charged!
For those who will stay in the city I wish you a great time too, summer in the city can be super exciting too! You can follow every proposal of the summer bucket list here!

If you want, until I come back,  you can follow me in facebook where I’ll try to keep a presence!

A bientot!