Patios to relax listening opera arias

Well, not exactly, these are just some places I’d prefer to be this morning! Today I wake up with the melody of this song:

“Summertime” by Maria Callas

In fact it was yesterday afternoon that I was driving in the highway, the sky was magnificent with a beautiful sunset and suddenly the radio put this song…I felt like I was in a movie scene! Amazing moment… So, that’s why I wanted to hear it again today and from that moment I’m listening to opera arias with Maria Callas, I’m totally in the mood for a beautiful patio spending holiday time! That’s why I found the cutest gardens, balconys etc that inspired me, to share them with you! Have a beautiful morning!

patios to relax6_mbf

beautiful view in this outdoor sofa-bed. Via Casa tres chic

patios to relax5_mbf

Rooftop Garden. I love these tropicalia armchairs!!! via pinterest, source unknown

patios to relax4_mbf

Modern Colonial home in Merida. via pinterest, source unknown

patios to relax3_mbf

Beautiful calming porch via onekinddesign

House in Nisyros, Greece

1As the weather is getting better here I got in the mood for mental traveling to a Greek island again. This house attracted me at the very first sight and it got me daydreaming again!

So, we are in a village of Nisyros, Emporio abandoned for many years, as its residents had become immigrants. However, the last years something is stirring again and the village gets some life. In its highest point, where the castle is situated, the first house that was restored, a building of 17th century is a piece of admiration. I would love being there right now…

The renovation was undertaken by Dolihos company with i.LANDarchitects who used all the morphology, typology and structure elements that had been found during the excavation. The building was named Sterna Nisyros Residences because of  the biggest cistern (sterna in Greek) that was found in the village. Every work in this restoration was made with great respect to the traditional forms and types of structure, as well as of local architecture.

2 3The house is 128 m2 and has two levels. The ground floor is an open space where the kitchen and living room are separated through a height difference. The concept was that daily needs of its residents will be satisfied but also it can be a modern art place through Time Capsule Art Project. It was one of the owners’ ideas, that the house is available as a guest room but mostly as a creative, inspiring and relaxing space for artists where they can create and exhibit their work that was inspired by their stay in the island. 4On the first floor there are the bathroom and 2 bedrooms with wooden balconies. The materials that are used are region friendly, cement, glossy oil painting for the ceiling and wood of course. All of them in white colors that highlight the Greek island style! In the bathroom bronze faucets and the stone sink catch the eye! This sink was found during the excavation and thankfully they decided to keep it. I love that these bathroom elements are so humble and original.

5 6 7In the end, outside of the house we find a yard of 40m2 with a big iron couch and a wooden table that gaze the sea. This is where the cistern, which collects the rain water supplying the house with water all year long, is situated. Through this yard you can take the stone stairs and go to the roof where a cozy seating area is created with a 360o view available. From the Turkish coasts to the volcano of Nisyros!
Very charming in every detail! Don’t you think? 8 9 10Photos Panos Kokkinias

House in Capri

House_in_Capri_00After a long rainy week here in Athens, I have again a feeling for summer houses and relaxing refuges! That’s a great opportunity for this amazing villa in Capri, summer residence of  architect and designer Matteo Thun.

Overlooking the Marina Piccola and surrounded by a lemon tree garden the outdoor space is magical and the view just breathtaking! And what can I say about the interior..the tiles on the walls are fantastic! Clean, neutral space with some bold touches of colour, the murano chandellier makes the perfect match and the outdoor dinning table is unique!

No more words, let the pictures talk…

House_in_Capri_01 House_in_Capri_02 House_in_Capri_03 House_in_Capri_04 House_in_Capri_05 House_in_Capri_06 House_in_Capri_07 House_in_Capri_08 House_in_Capri_09 House_in_Capri_10 House_in_Capri_011

Casa Lola Brasil


Casa Lola is a rental property in Trancoso, Brazil, made by New York designer Jan Eleni. Now that the world cup finished we may look at Brasil in another view again. This vacation house completes a fantasy of relaxing in a fishing village where your everyday life is sleeping, swimming, eating fish that you catch on the afternoon and stuff like that!
Eleni and her husband worked with a local architecture/construction firm and renovated an existing cottage creating an open, airy space. The materials that are used highlight the natural environment and the localily. Concrete floors, raw wood and minimal but traditional decoration with some modern elements like photos.
In addition to the main house that they renovated, Eleni also designed a new guest house. This is my favorite!!! You will see why…



The open living and dining space that faces out onto the pool

Some of the furniture she designed them by herself using reclaimed local materials and some of them she purchased by locals.

Some of the furniture she designed them by herself using reclaimed local materials and some of them she purchased by locals.




A view of the guest cottage from the main house. Totally love it!!!


The shower in the guest cottage has a wooden shower head made from a fallen tree, and copper faucet knobs made by local artisans.


Absolutely dreamy…


640_rmimg-2243The photos are taken at the begginins, go to the site to see the rest of them!!
I will follow with another post with updated photos and if I won’t persuade you to go there my blue flamingo will loose its futhers!


Villa Kalos in Ithaca


This amazing villa is located in the island of Ithaca, in Greece. It was an abandoned building before south African photographers Gerda Genis and Robbert Koene  decided to renovate it and use it as a guest house for holidays. The concept of Villa Kalos is to offer all those who like to spend their holidays in the countryside and are looking for an intimate environment on one side, yet furnished and completed with the top-quality details on the other, a place where all this is actually possible. Situated upon the terraced gardens that surround the home and the 6,000 square meters that the property occupies, overlooking almond trees and the olive groves dotting the nearby countryside, the only sound that can be heard are the goats nearby! Personally, I love the raw materials that are used and highlight the traditional architecture and structure of the building, leaving you with the simplicity and sincerity that is needed. I won’t say more, I leave you with the pictures…

01-Kourvoulia 02-livingroom 03-Dining-room 04-Kitchen 05-Bedroom 06-room 07-Villa-Kalos 08-Bathroom 09-bedroom-detail 10-Villa-Kalos 11-Exterior 12-Exterior