Summer Weekend

summertimeHello! This weekend feels so summery in Athens, memories from last last years are awaken, when we were younger and didn’t have jobs, worries etc. When we had so much time for vacation and we were spending a whole month on a place with our summer friends, all day at the beach, midday siestas, afternoon ice-creams and sleepless nights! Oh my…what a nostalgia!

The truth is we are in the heart of summer, my holidays are coming and I had the craziest working week!!! I had some weeks that I was almost just resting, suddenly 2 projects had to be done in 2 days each! And big ones…There’s no need to tell you what happened…no sleep for the whole week and I was working like I’d been on drugs! Like the cat that is sleeping and some noise frightens her and she runs like crazy, that was my situation! And now resting again!

I wish you the best rest of the weekend, enjoy your Sunday and of course in vintage summer mood!

Photo by Collin Erie

Summer essentials

summer essentialsThis poster has everything that comes in my mind when you say “summer”! Flip flops, lemonade, ice cream, summer fruits, sun hat…all of these above. I’d add a cute dress, swimsuit, the sea of course and outdoor cinema! What’s summer for you?
Emily made again a beautiful watercolor artwork depicting this season with so much accuracy! Do you remember the autumn essentials version? The summer version is my favorite, I couldn’t wait to show it to you! You can download it, print it to a good quality paper and hang it somewhere to see it everyday and smile! You can add a starfish or beach pebbles from your vacations next to it and voila! You’ll hear the sea waves every day…


Good morning there! How do you feel this summer weekend? I must say I’m in a holiday mood without being on holidays! This is what happens to you if you have no work to do for some days, you live in Greece and it’s summer I suppose… At the same time I’m so disappointed by what happens in my country lately that I have an escaping tendency. So, what more suitable than a road trip or a short trip in general! I like some photographs from trains, I think it feels very adventurous, even though I don’t like traveling by train so much, that’s why I chose this picture for this weekend. Some sense of freedom is needed!
I’ll try to go on a distant and magical beach this weekend, I seriously need some tanning also! What are your plans?

As the theme for this weekend is Roadtrip I have for you some links from the past:
Let’s go for a roadtrip and
Motel vintage signs
Even though you won’t go anywhere some mind traveling never hurt anyone!

And for the crafty ones I have a DIY project to display your holiday photos: Super summery and juicy Fruit Magnets for your fridge! Have a nice weekend!!!

fruit magnets diy

DIY project by Homey oh my!


deckchairHello everyone! How is your weekend so far? Are you enjoying the sun somewhere calm or spending all day in bed? All I would like to do is spent some peaceful time in an environment like that lying in such a super cute deck chair and don’t think about anything stressful! Petting my cat with one hand and reading a book with the other… Have a nice Sunday!

Photo source: Stay for lunch. See the rest of them, they are mind travelling!


patio with tent

Summer shady patio via desire to inspire

Good morning this sunny saturday! At last the clouds in Athens left and let us feel the summer again. I don’t know what I’m gonna do today but it’s the first Saturday in months that I don’t have work plans, hooray! I was the first Saturday also that I didn’t put the alarm on, amazing right? A bit of tidying, a bit of laundry, of redecorating the house, of strolls with friends these are my plans for the weekend. Also these are the longest days of the year and I’m always very happy every time for it!
This patio above would be the perfect spot of relax with friends, drinking cold lemonade and eating cherries! Or DIYing with friends while catching up the latest news. DIY project that my blue flamingo proposes today, continuing the pinapple theme: Make your own pineapple night light! Perfect for the outdoor table these summer nights 🙂

pineapple night light

Patios to relax listening opera arias

Well, not exactly, these are just some places I’d prefer to be this morning! Today I wake up with the melody of this song:

“Summertime” by Maria Callas

In fact it was yesterday afternoon that I was driving in the highway, the sky was magnificent with a beautiful sunset and suddenly the radio put this song…I felt like I was in a movie scene! Amazing moment… So, that’s why I wanted to hear it again today and from that moment I’m listening to opera arias with Maria Callas, I’m totally in the mood for a beautiful patio spending holiday time! That’s why I found the cutest gardens, balconys etc that inspired me, to share them with you! Have a beautiful morning!

patios to relax6_mbf

beautiful view in this outdoor sofa-bed. Via Casa tres chic

patios to relax5_mbf

Rooftop Garden. I love these tropicalia armchairs!!! via pinterest, source unknown

patios to relax4_mbf

Modern Colonial home in Merida. via pinterest, source unknown

patios to relax3_mbf

Beautiful calming porch via onekinddesign


fun patioHello! How lovely weekends are as summer is getting closer and closer..! Such a paradise, relaxing in a cute patio like this above, eating icecream, reading a book or have fun with close friends! I would kill for these chairs too. Today I’m also very thrilled because this afternoon I’m gonna see my little niece that haven’t seen for ages! She’s the cutest little girl in the whole world!! And in the evening I’m going to a nice restaurant for an anniversary dinner. 🙂 Oh, I love weekends!

For you that are in a crafty mood I found the most chic and easy DIY project for fridge magnets! See HERE the procedure.

diy fridge magnetsPhoto source of the beautiful patio above and more pictures HERE.

Vacation time!

summer busyTime for summer vacation is finally here for me too!!! I can’t describe you how much I need this right now… From now on, this is what I’m going to do for the next days! Exactly like the photo above..this is my summer plan!!
For those who will leave also I wish you to have a great time, rest, have fun, get tanned and return with a lot of memories and the batteries fully charged!
For those who will stay in the city I wish you a great time too, summer in the city can be super exciting too! You can follow every proposal of the summer bucket list here!

If you want, until I come back,  you can follow me in facebook where I’ll try to keep a presence!

A bientot!