Good morning there! How do you feel this summer weekend? I must say I’m in a holiday mood without being on holidays! This is what happens to you if you have no work to do for some days, you live in Greece and it’s summer I suppose… At the same time I’m so disappointed by what happens in my country lately that I have an escaping tendency. So, what more suitable than a road trip or a short trip in general! I like some photographs from trains, I think it feels very adventurous, even though I don’t like traveling by train so much, that’s why I chose this picture for this weekend. Some sense of freedom is needed!
I’ll try to go on a distant and magical beach this weekend, I seriously need some tanning also! What are your plans?

As the theme for this weekend is Roadtrip I have for you some links from the past:
Let’s go for a roadtrip and
Motel vintage signs
Even though you won’t go anywhere some mind traveling never hurt anyone!

And for the crafty ones I have a DIY project to display your holiday photos: Super summery and juicy Fruit Magnets for your fridge! Have a nice weekend!!!

fruit magnets diy

DIY project by Homey oh my!