I’m bananas for you

Bananas 1_mbfWhat a place! I think either you love it or hate it! Helena Jauma and Yolanda Vilalta are the designers of this bar-restaurant in Barcelona. Bananas has a mind travelling environment that almost cheer me up by looking it. Imagine being there…I think myself drinking cocktails and never get out in reality! Especially these rainy and gloomy days in Athens, full of work it seems kind of ideal!

As I’ve mentioned before I love kitsch! That’s why I also loved Bananas. Excess everywhere! Maybe It’s an attack for your eyes, i don’t know. Tell me what you think!

Bananas 2_mbf Bananas 3_mbf Bananas 4_mbf Bananas 5_mbf Bananas 6_mbfFrom where to start? Bright colors in furniture in colonial style. Neon lights in tropical schemes. Big palm trees and banana leafs everywhere. Tropical animals on walls-I love these leopards spy on us everywhere! Vintage furniture of the 50’s such as tables salvaged from a ship and Louis Poulsen lamps from Denmark. This lovely floor with colorful tiles. All these create a Caribbean feeling, lighten the mood like it’s summer and you can be as crazy you like!

Bananas 7_mbf Bananas 8_mbf Bananas 9_mbf Bananas 10_mbf Bananas 11_mbfIf you like kitsch style see also this post from archives: Kitsch in decoration!

Casa Lola Brasil


Casa Lola is a rental property in Trancoso, Brazil, made by New York designer Jan Eleni. Now that the world cup finished we may look at Brasil in another view again. This vacation house completes a fantasy of relaxing in a fishing village where your everyday life is sleeping, swimming, eating fish that you catch on the afternoon and stuff like that!
Eleni and her husband worked with a local architecture/construction firm and renovated an existing cottage creating an open, airy space. The materials that are used highlight the natural environment and the localily. Concrete floors, raw wood and minimal but traditional decoration with some modern elements like photos.
In addition to the main house that they renovated, Eleni also designed a new guest house. This is my favorite!!! You will see why…



The open living and dining space that faces out onto the pool

Some of the furniture she designed them by herself using reclaimed local materials and some of them she purchased by locals.

Some of the furniture she designed them by herself using reclaimed local materials and some of them she purchased by locals.




A view of the guest cottage from the main house. Totally love it!!!


The shower in the guest cottage has a wooden shower head made from a fallen tree, and copper faucet knobs made by local artisans.


Absolutely dreamy…


640_rmimg-2243The photos are taken at the begginins, go to the site to see the rest of them!!
I will follow with another post with updated photos and if I won’t persuade you to go there my blue flamingo will loose its futhers!