All that matters…

love in b&w 1

Arty Graffiti by Ben, in the Parisian Metro. Via acehotel

Valentine’s Day it is and although I said I don’t like the celebration of this day I get the opportunity to express myshelf through some great photos. I’m not negative about that day but I don’t believe that love deserves the way it is used. That’s why I post some photos that speak for and to me . Besides, love is all that matters…isn’t it? I won’t wish you happy valentine’s day, I’ll wish you love such as these great photographers captured!

love in b&w 9

Couple under the glory of art. Monumental love. Photographer: Robert Doisneau

love in b&w 8

Central cemetary in Vienna, Austria. Source unknown

love in b&w 7

End of love? Via caraincertezza

love in b&w 4

Alexandra et Bertrand Massei en concert quatre mains Classique.


Hugs and kisses

Lovely hearts by MarianaRausch

Lovely hearts by MarianaRausch

Valentine’s day is close and I don’t know if you are prepared…I don’t even know if you celebrate that day. I don’t really! However, it’s a nice chance for some patterns full of love!! These patterns can be used as a wallpaper or a wrapping paper for a cute gift, more personalized if you add some words on it and a ribbon. So, celebrating or not your love on 14 of February hearts are always a nice scheme to display!

And for desert I put some kisses in the middle to make the post more spicy!

hearts patterns2_mbf

wrapper full of love by Arian Armstrong

hearts patterns4_mbf

art print “hearts” by Annie Moor through society6

hearts patterns5_mbf

hearty wallpaper by Sarah hearts.

hearts patterns6_mbf

art print “hearts” by Rob Barrett through society6

kisses pattern1_mbf

the first kisses! Lips pattern by The SellOut through society6

kisses pattern2_mbf

Kisses all over. via blackandbowss source t-ygress