Fall patterns, again!


Molly from the movie ‘The Breakfast Club’ – Beginning of school and discipline, in the right colors! By JTO JTO

Seeing that last year’s post about Fall patterns is one of your favorite, I prepared another one these days to feed our (because it’s mine too!) desire for seasonal patterns to put us in the mood for Autumn!
Funny thing that when I was younger I didn’t like this season at all! I imagine because of the beginning of school and the end of summer carelessness etc etc. On the contrary, as I grow up I am so ready for all the changes of this transition that I even can’t wait for them! I’m so eager for cozy nights and weekends, the new face of nature all around us, excursions to the woods, warmer palettes of colors, cozier outfits and homey feeling!

Happy Sunday guys, let’s enjoy Fall!!

Nature and foxy themed in earthy tones! Orange foxes – I don’t know why but this animal is stuck in my mind as a fall’s element, falling leaves, new pinecones – the last one was such a hit! – and of course pumkins!
1. foxes by Leticia 2. falling leaves by Jess Smart Smiley  3. pinecones by Georgiana Paraschiv 4. pumkins by Lindsey Elise Design

Sweeter tones with some blush pink and pomegranates! And of course-again foxes, cooler this time.
1. flowers via pinterest 2. blue foxes by Ooli, via Sorryzorrito 3. Pomegranates by Better Home

Closing this patterns’ party with my favorites, mostly for the feeling they create. Swallows for the migratory birds of this season, school/office stuff with pencils and erasers – it’s the time to concentrate again and do the real business, the first hot coffees of the year…knitting of course 🙂 beside the fire even better, with a purring cat at your lap (my favorite!!) and then as we have the rains what’s more suitable from rubber wellies!
1. swallows by Bridiy  2. office supplies by Emma Trithart  3. Knitting via pinterest  4. Chemex Coffee Culture Pattern by Sara Combs  5. pink cats by Angie Garland  6. rain boots by Cassie Kulp

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Instagram opening!

I’m happy to announce you that I decided to create a profile in Instagram, at last!! I was negative for a long time because I though it would be very time consuming but there were so many pictures I wanted to show to the world and couldn’t through the blog that I changed my mind eventually. Also, my sister insisted so much that made me think about it seriously…I hope I’ll get the hang of it and spread the net with my eye-shots!
Here, I have my first photos posted to lure you to my profile! 😉 Come and take a look, I’m thrilled to open another communication channel with you!

Weekend & come back!

flowers weekend

Hello hello!!! I’m here again and trying to take advantage of that opportunity and write something! Almost one month ago, while I was cool and calm, with normal work to do – I even had started to feel insecure about future projects(and income of course…) a huge&urgent project came along! And as a result, as I always do, I fell in that deep whole of creativity and passion of completing the project and accomplishing all the tasks…for 2 weeks I was in a parallel universe, giving the 200% of myself, forgetting all the rest of the life! Of course I was dead after that, not just tired…I managed to do 1 month’s work in 2 weeks, but thankfully it was very satisfying, everything went well and I was quite proud after all 🙂

So this is the first weekend I have free time, the weather is hmm..nice and I’m planning walks with friends, I’m just thrilled!! Of course, architecture couldn’t miss from my weekend, as a small arch festival is happening in Athens by friends this weekend, and I’ll join but it will be fun!

What are your plans for the weekend?
I hope you’ll have fun anyway!

PS. As I was writing these my phone rang and an arch chore came up but it’s gonna be short and I’ll try to keep the spirit as before..!

Photo source via Style at home | Photography by Edward Pond

Weekend with some splish splash!

flamingo pool

Photo via Sugar and charm

The pool theme is continued in the blog as you see! After the last post with flamingo products for a day at the pool we stay in the water also for the weekend. We couldn’t otherwise after all… Oh, I love these flamingo inflatables!! Imagine a pool or a sea full of pink flamingos, wouldn’t be super fun?!
For me this weekend will be a small vacation away because I’m gonna spend it in north Euboea again, I hope I’ll have some nice shots to show you after. What are your plans? I hope you’ll have a great time whatever you’ll do, stay close to the water!

For DIY project this time I have the coolest idea for our pool theme! DIY poolside pattern kimonos to complete the look!

pool flamingo kimono


creative weekendHello again this weekend! Are you enjoying summer somewhere idyllic or like me continuing the daily routine? Today I will go again for work in the offices I was going every saturday this winter. Like the murderer that returns in the crime scene… I don’t love it but it will be in much cooler rythms so it won’t be very tiring. I work a lot lately, that’s for sure! However I’m in a “creativity trance” situation all this period which I love!! That’s the reason I’m inspired from creativity in a fun way this weekend like the photo above and wish you the same! Let your secret picasso get out and do something like that! If you have kids it will be even funnier I think. Make a piece of art all toghether and have a great weekend! xoxo

For the music lovers I have the best DIY project!!! Paint a ukalele like a pineapple and sing summer songs wearing flower necklaces!!! Totally in the summer mood, right? Even it’s an easy project see here a tutorial.

ukalele pineapple


yellow butterflyGood morning and happy weekend! In Greece this Monday is a national holiday so most of us we have a 3day holiday! Unfortunately I won’t enjoy it because I’ll have to work all of it for a new project I got. In fact I was happy that I’d have one day plus free for working at home where I can more productive. Is this serious? Probably…I used to think like that at school, very nerdy of me! Also, the weather in Athens last days is crazy, it’s very cold and cloudy, it helps me to concentrate.

I can always daydreem though that the sun is shinning outside, I’m in a pretty garden lying in a butterfly chair like the photo! I really hope you’ll do something like that this weekend! And if you want to be creative my blue flamingo found for you the cuttest DIY project: Clay cactus garden!! I love it!! See here for more.

clay cactusPhoto source of the dreamy garden above via est magazine

Decor love: Pianos

00.Piano love_mbf

Grand piano in a classical environment. So beautiful. Via dailydreamdecor

As I’ve mentioned in my “about” page I used to play the piano for many many years. And as a consequence I love it!! Probably, because I love playing, hearing etc and I’m very emotionally connected I love the piano as a decor element too. It totally upgrades a room and it adds some luxury and good taste!
However, it doesn’t have to be heavy and posh, but can also be accesible and very friendly. Depending on how you’ll decorate it. In these photos we have the glorious black grand piano, solo in the room and some others in the color of wood, decorated with elegant posters, dolls and small plants. And if you put a sheep skin on the ottoman you totally got me!

01.Piano love_mbf

Beautiful deco style piano. The posters, dolls and everything create a friendly atmosphere. Via the mokkasin

Detail of the previous photo. Watch the lamp hanging!

Detail of the previous photo. Watch the lamp hanging!

I like tha Bob Dylan picture on the piano. And the sheepskin! Source: Momo&Coco

I like tha Bob Dylan picture on the piano. And the sheepskin! Source: Momo&Coco

Very artistic space! via the Shiny Squirrel

Very artistic space! via the Shiny Squirrel

Haven't seen striped piano before. It reminds me of bamboos and with the green floor ti has something exotic. Source: Mariko Reed

Haven’t seen striped piano before. It reminds me of bamboos and with the green floor ti has something exotic. Source: Mariko Reed

06.Piano love_mbf

Great way of displaying a piano. This mirror-colored circle above the piano is something else! Source: La stanza del pianoforte. Photo: Helenio Barbetta


Vintage Christmas ornaments

vintage christmasDoes these christmas trees speak to you? For me is a total flash back to my childhood!! The truth is that we didn’t have all these delicate ornaments but colorful, shinny balls made of glass were a must! And I remember that these balls were easy to break into many pieces…that’s why they were easy replaced with plastic I suppose.

I’m so happy just by seeing the pictures. So nostalgic! I would love to decorate my home with all of these even if it wasn’t Christmas! Shinny, multicolored, flirting with kitsch just a bit, precious and startling ornaments for your Christmas tree or not only! You can put them in a jar or platter, or hang them through a garland and decorate a wall. It will make your home so festive!!

vintage christmas orn2ertsvintage christmas orn


decembrr flamingoToday is 1st of December and I can’t believe how fast the days are gone! I’m already in Christmas mood, I must say. As December is considered the start of winter and the real cold temperatures I will post a photo shooting that I loved! “Antartica-the white continent” of Gray Malin has a surprising reflect to what we think of the snow covered continent.
“Using select items to provide contrast, this series captures two parallels coming together and presents a larger message about the changing landscape of our world due to shifting climates” he says.

Have a great month!

1 Gray-Malin-Green-Tube-Icy-Bay Gray-Malin-Green-Umbrella-Vertical Gray-Malin-Neon-Beach-Ball-Icebergs Gray-Malin-Swan-Ice-Bridge

Autumn essentials printable

autumn-essentials-printable-free-downloadWhat I like the most in autumn is the warm and sweet feeling you begin to have and the mood for cozy nights at home! Soft blankets, brown leather accessories, delicious pies and hot drinks to keep you warm during the firsts chills!

This is a beautiful art print that in my opinion depicts all of these! Emily’s blog is one of my favorites for her small art projects, mostly stationery. I like her works because through watercolors she makes beautiful pieces with a nostalgic feeling that I can see myself in them. Here I have a print for autumn essentials that you can download and hang it in a wall and smile when you look at it! If you click on the image it’s in larger size but you can go to emily’s page and download it for free.

autumn essentials finished